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Barnet / Barnett
Source: Barnett genealogy is from my book starting with Chapter Thirteen:;
DRYER-LAUCK-PAYNE-SCOTT, GOING HOME by Elizabeth Dryer Humphrey\
Pub. 1991,  Hardcover - 400 pages - 183 photos
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This Barnet family is headed by Philip Barnet, born in Amsterdam, Holland on June 5, 1793 per his will.  He married Susannah Flanigan in Lincoln Co., NC. They moved to Johnson Co., Missouri, arriving there in 1838.  Philip and Susannah live out their lifes in Johnson Co. with a large family.  The children used the spelling of BARNETT and married into local families of:
Payne, Marshall, Maddox, Malloy, Scharnhorst, Fisher and Briles. 
The grandchildren were many, marring into the families of:
Amick, Hall, Thompson, Porter, and Haynes with many more names included.
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"I, Philip Barnet, a farmer of Grover Township, Johnson County, State of Missouri, born in Amsterdam, Holland about June 5, 1793..."

In my hands I was holding a will written by my great, great, great, Grandfather Philip Barnet, writen in 1877.  In the Johnson County Court House, in the basement's huge vault, the clerk handed me a brown folded envelope, with a very faded pink ribbon that fell apart when I pulled on the bow.  On the outside was written, "Will of Philip Barnet 1877."  The handwritten will, signed by Philip Barnet, was 102 years old!  I was so excited and moved, that tears came to my eyes after reading the first sentence.  The will appeared to have not been opened since the probate clerk filed it away in that metal box in 1877.  We did not know Philip's neither birth date nor place of birth until I found his will.  I would like to Thank the clerks in Warrensburg, Johnson County, Missouri Court House for being so helpful when I visited there in 1979, and again in 1989.  The lady that helped me, must have appreciated the old documents, by the way she so carefully handled them while searching through boxes, so high up on the shelves, that she had to get a ladder to reach them.

In tracing the descendants of Philip, Barnet would be spelled with 2 t's.  His children had taken the spelling of Barnett, which I will use unless referring to the immigrant Philip Barnet.  His will, where he signed his name, and his tombstone at Payne Cemetery in Johnson County, very clearly has "Philip Barnet," as well as his wife's, Susannah, tombstone has the spelling of one  "t."

The Barnett family line has been of special interest to me.  Nothing really noteworthy concerning history, such as politicians, business, or fame.  They were farmers that impressed me with their determination to survive in 1838 Missouri Prairie farmlands, with large families that pulled together to break sod, and to plant their roots so firmly in Missouri.  Seeing the love of Philip for his children through his will and the statements he made in the deeds when Philip gave land to his children BEFORE his death, which was unusual to give children land before the death. 

The "History of Johnson County, Missouri" of 1881 said that Philip Barnet came to Johnson County in 1847 from North Carolina and died in 1877.  The children's birth places prove differently with the 8th child, Susannah being born in Oct 1837 in North Carolina and the 9th child, Nancy Delano Barnett, being born 8 Jan 1840 in Missouri.  The date of the move to Missouri would be closer to 1838.  The plat map of Grover Township shows Philip Barnet had bought land by 1839.  The area of the Payne Cemetery and the 40 acres north & east of the Cemetery was the first land Philip bought.  The plat map of Range 24, Township 47, of Grover Township, Johnson County, relates the names of owners and more than half are inter-married in some way to the Barnett and Payne's.

For those interested in tracing Philip's property the following is included:
25 Sep 1839 Rg. 24, Twp 47, Sec. 4, W 1/2 of Lot 1 of NE 1/4
25 Sep 1839 Rg. 24, Twp 47, Sec. 4, E 1/2 of Lot 2 of NE 1/4
4 Jun 1850 Rg. 24, Twp 47, Sec. 3, W 1/2 of Lot 1 of NE 1/4
7 Sep 1853 Rg. 24, Twp 47, Sec.11, NW 1/4 of the SW 1/4
The New Dictionary of American Family Names by Elsdon Smith has the Barnet name as follows: "English - Barnett, Barnette, Barnet.  Descendants of little Bernard.  One who came from Barnet (place cleared by burning in Middlesex.)"

The 1820 Lincoln County, North Carolina census shows Philip as a single man.  On 15 July 1824 there is a bond made for marriage with Susannah Flanigan.  It is interesting to note that a "marriage license" in 1824 was really a bond or contract made between bondsmen to assure that the husband to be, would fulfill his promise of marriage to the young lady.  In Philip and Susannah's bond, Philip signed for himself and David Campbell signed for Susannah. 


KNOW ALL MEN by these present, that we PHILIP BARNET and DAVID CAMPBELL in the State aforesaid are held firmly bound unto the Governor of the State of North Carolina for the time being, in the just and full sum of Five Hundred Pounds, current money of this State to be paid to the Governor, or his successors or assigns; to the which payment well and to be made and done, we bind ourselves, our heirs, Executors and Administrators, Sealed with our seals, and dated this 14th day of July Anno Domini 1824.

THE CONDITION of the above Obligation is such, That whereas the above bounded PHILIP BARNET hath made a application for a License for a Marriage to be celebrated between him and SUSANNAH FLANIGAN of the county aforesaid:  Now in case it shall not appear hereafter, that there is any lawful cause to obstruct the said Marriage, then the above obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.
Sealed and Delivered in PHILIP BARNET (his signature)
the Presence of us:V. Mc BeeDavid (his mark) Campbell

Philip and Susannah kept their bond to each other and had 13 children, 8 born in North Carolina and 5 after arriving in Johnson County, Missouri.  There is also a set of twins at the Payne Cemetery who died in Mar 1846; they are at the foot of Philip's grave, with name "Kate" and one "infant."

The oldest child listed in the census records was Jacob Barnett, being born in 1822, NC.  He came with Philip and Susannah to Missouri but since Philip and Susannah didn't marry until July of 1824, many have speculated that Jacob was from an earlier marriage.  Although no other records can be found in North Carolina.  Philip did not give Jacob land when he divided up his lands for his other children.  Jacob already had 40 acres of land.  In his father's will, he is "not forgotten" and Philip left him $25.00.

Will of Philip Barnet dated 1877

"I, Philip Barnet, a farmer of Grover Township, Johnson County, State of Missouri, born in Amsterdam, Holland about June 5th 1793. Being of sound mind although advanced in years in lieu of the uncertainty of life do make this my last Will, hereby revoking all former wills.
First, I appoint Leonard S. Taylor of Sigel Post Office, in Johnson county, State of Missouri as Executor of this my will.
I, give, bequeath and devise, my estate and property as follows, that is to say
To my son Philip J. Barnet I give, bequeath and devise during his life then to the blood heirs of his body.  First all the land including improvements that I may own at the time of my death in Sections 3 and 4 in Township 47 of Range 24 and in Sections 34 in Township 48 of Range 24 west of the principal meridian.  I further, will, and bequeath to my Son Philip J Barnet, the aforementioned, the chattel mortgage and the notes which said mortgage was given to secure, dated about the 18th day of August AD 1875 the Executor of this will is required soon after my death to deliver said notes to said Philip J Barnet and enter Satisfaction on the record free of all payment and costs to said Philip J Barnet who is to receive them, and he then is required to receipt for all claim to anything supposed to be coming to him by will of his deceased brother John Barnet of whose estate I the testator was administrator. I further will and bequeath to afore named P. J. Barnet my son, my bible, the kitchen implements and tools. I, Philip Barnet, the testator require that my son Philip J. Barnet shall, upon my death put up to my grave, a tombstone, Similar to the one at the grave of my wife, his mother, with suitable inscriptions on the same.  I the testator further declare that up to the time of my death I am to pay the tax on the land herein bequeathed to my son Philip J. Barnet, after which said Philip J Barnett is responsible for the tax, I further will, bequeath, and devise to my beloved daughter Nancy D. Scharnhorst the land (10 acres) described in a deed of Warranty to her of this date viz. July 6th 1876, and twenty-five dollars of money. [To each of his daughters, Clara C. Mattox, Maria Payne, Susana Malloy, Emily J. Fisher, Polly Payne, is given the deed of warranty & $25.00, except Emily receives his "clothes box, and the rocking chair."]

I desire of my executor herein named to wit Leonard S. Taylor, that, upon my decease he shall promptly take charge of such personal property as I may die seized of and not herein disposed of and proceed under the law to dispose of the same, first paying my funeral expenses, the costs and fees then pay to the legatees hereinbefore named, the sum of money bequeathed to each one of them, and if a note on Polly Payne for $100= be found with my property, deliver the note to her free of any charge whatever, look to the enforcement of any requirements herein made, and upon the settlement of what is herein before provided any sum of money should be left, such sum shall be paid to some legally qualified party to kept at interest until my grandson Jesse Phillip Barnett- son of P.J. Barnett, becomes 21 years old, then the principal and interest of said sum shall be paid over to him. if he should die before he arrives to his majority then said sum shall be equally divided among my own children. The name of my eldest son Jacob Barnett being omitted in the forgoing disposition of money and property, but not forgotten, I will and bequeath to my beloved son Jacob Barnett the sum of Twenty-five Dollars, to be paid him from such funds as may be in the hands of the Executor of my estate at any time before such executor makes settlement.

In Witness whereof I have signed and sealed and published and declared this instrument as my will at Grover Township, in Johnson County, in the state of Missouri on this sixth day of July AD 1876.

[Signed by his hand]     Philip Barnet  (seal)
witnesses S.E. Foulke, R.D. Shackleford, Stephen D. Foulke"

In looking over old wills, it may be noted that the SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY papers can give a real feeling of knowing that person.  But it also shows the fact that women lacked rights when it came to the items in her home.  The same home she helped build, acquire, cleaned, repaired, washed, and even made, like the quilts that would be worked on for months, from scraps of clothing that would be rags and thrown away, the hand crochet items to put on furniture to help soften or to keep the item clean, the rugs that she made to keep the husbands' feet warmer, again from scraps, nothing belonged to the wife.  All had to be sold.  In Missouri, at least until 1941 when my grandmother, Camley Elizabeth Scott Lauck, had to abide by the law, the wife only received a child's share.  So if they had 13 children, the estate of her husband would be divided 14 ways.  That would leave the widow and mother dependent on one of the children.  The children would be allowed to buy back items from the estate, as shown in Philip's sale.  His son Philip Jesse Barnett bought many items of his father's at the sale.

In the following document the process can clearly be seen that the wife owned nothing but her clothes.  The one item that the wife could own was her jewelry.  If the husband was well off he would buy his wife a piece of jewelry as a gift, she was then allowed to keep it by law.  The jewelry was like money in the bank, which by the way, women were not given the privilege of having the account in only her name; the banks required a man's signature as overseer of the woman's financial affairs.  A woman's jewelry was highly praised, and was the only asset a woman had as her property. Older members of my family called the jewelry "My run-away money."

BILL OF SALE of the Personal Property of the Estate of Phillip Barnett, deceased, made by L.S. Taylor, Executor of the will of said deceased, on the 11th day of January 1878.

1 Box Sundries J.B. Hicks .50
2 Hones (whetstones)   J.A. Babbitt    .25
2 Cloths Brushes    P.J. Barnett    .10
2 Books      Henry Hall     .25
4 Plugs TobacoJohn Jackson  .40
1 Sausage Mill  T. Cash   1.45
1 Pr. Stilyards  J.P. Hughes    .40
1 Bundle Dried Skins         H.S. Smith                1.00
1 Rifle gun       P.J. Barnett   1.00
1 Flax Wheel    P.J. Barnett    .10
1 Pocket Compass  P.J. Barnett                .05
1 Hand Saw      Frank Payne         .30
1 Drawing Knife     Henry Hall           .40
1 Piece Carpet  P. J. Barnett         .50
3 Bed Blankits  Wiley Maddox           4.05
2 Coverlets Wiley Maddox    1.00
2 Pillow and 1 Bolster  P. J. Barnett   1.50
2 sheets and Pillowslips      P. J. Barnett         .70
1 Straw Tick     Thomas Malay(Malloy)    .25
1 Down Bed     P. J. Barnett        2.90
1 Fether Bed    Burk Ransom      9.05
1 Stand Table   Frank Payne               .25
1 Looking Glass     P. J. Barnett         .15
1 Clock      P. J. Barnett        1.60
1 Set Shaving Tools      William Drake            .50
1 Bed Sted & Cord W.H.P. Thompson           .50
1 Sledge Hammer   P. J. Barnett         .15
1 Spade and Pick   P. J. Barnett         .15
1 Hackle & 2 Augers    William Drake            .05
1 Empty BarrelP. J. Barnett           .35
1 Set Harrow Tenk                  P. J. Barnett  1.00
1 GunstoneWesley Wicker      .15
86 Bushels of Wheet(wheat)     P. J. Barnett 55.90
1 Gray Mare    P. J. Barnett       84.00
1 Bay Horse     William Drake         35.00
1 Gray Horse   P. J. Barnett            17.00
1 Sorrel Mare   J.Y. Wicker            55.00
1 Black Mare   W.S. Couch      78.75
1 Black MareBid off but party failed to give security
1 White Cow    Phillip Barnett        18.00
1 Red Cow            William Drake   22.00
1 Check Reel    Polly Payne     .10
1 Cotton WheelPolly Payne           .10
1 Sarg(um) Pot Polly Payne           .30
1 LoomMrs. Maloy            .25
J. A. Bobbitt, Clerk of the Sale.       Total  397.40

Probate Court, February Term, Johnson County, Missouri, A.D. 1879.

Now at this day comes Leonard S. Taylor, Executor of last will and testament of Philip Barnet, deceased and presents his account and vouchers for his first annual settlement and follows to-wit:
To amount of notes taken at sale368.00
To amount of cash taken at sale  29.40
To amount of notes and deposits as per inventory                   1534.79
To amount of cash inventoried as per return208.56
To amount of horse sold Jan 28th 1878                         70.00
    Total            $2210.75

After all expense were paid such as Dr. B. F. Dunkley's doctor bill of $25.00, (Dunksburg is named after this Doctor who first settled that area), to pay Smith Jackson for coffin of $7.50, personal property tax of $8.19, paying bequeaths, and each trip to Warrensburg by the executor would cost $2.00, and paying the Probate Judge W. L. Hornbuckle $8.00.        
Expenses       $1816.74
Balance due    $394.01

Philip Barnet died 20 Nov 1877 near Warrensburg, Johnson County, Missouri.  He is buried at the Payne Cemetery beside his wife and near many other members of his family.  The headstones of Philip and Susannah Barnet stand higher than most and shows clearly on the west side of the gate as you walk into the cemetery.  They read of a tale of many years' ago that allows a person to keep in thought what might have been.  Knowing that Philip Barnet came from Amsterdam, Holland, possibly alone, and had 11 children living to adulthood, his name is being carried on by so few.  Philip had 3 boys and 2 of them died without issue.  Be it known clearly that the girls married and carried on his bloodline and heritage.

Not a lot is known about Susannah Flanigan Barnet, but can trace her life through the births of her children, which was 24 years of child bearing. She was born 26 Dec 1802 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. Susannah died 19 Dec 1872 in Johnson County, Missouri, and is buried in Payne Cemetery next to her husband, Philip. In the North Carolina census records and land records shows there is a Philip Flanigan with wife named Susannah, in Lincoln County.  I suspect that this Philip and Susannah Flanigan were her parents. 
There is also a will in the North Carolina State Archives by a John Flenagin, leaving his "bounty lands granted and given to me by the President and Act of Congress for my services as an enlisted service man . . ." to his father Philip Flenagin and his mother Susana Flenagin. John was a "soldier in the U. S. Service for the span of 5 years . . ." dated 1813. The age and location is a near sign of this possibly being our Susannah Flanigan's brother?

Before listing the children of Philip and Susannah Barnet, a record of the census' reports must be added here for the use of the next researchers.  Between the census records, Payne Cemetery tombstones and family records, one cannot determine the proper accounting for some of the children.  Mainly Kate, Mary A. and an infant and John.  Here are the census records in order from 1830.  I have found nothing earlier in North Carolina or other states.

In the 1830 Lincoln Co., N. C., census pg 168: Head of Household - Philip Barnet, besides Philip's family, a female between 50 & 60 is listed as living with them.  This could be the mother of Philip or Susannah. No slaves or free colored.

Philip and his family were in the 1840 Johnson County, Washington Township, Missouri, pg 6 with two in agriculture.

The 1850 Johnson Co., Mo. census shows all the children, their state of birth shows that Nancy D. Barnett was the first child born in Mo., and that the oldest daughter Mariah, age 25, was married to Jesse Grice, age 77, and living with her father, Philip.

1860 Johnson County, Washington Township, Missouri.  #832-909
Barnet, Philip, 67, born Holland, $2500 real estate, $500 personal property. Susannah, 55, born N. C., John, 27, Susanna, 22, Phillip J., 14 (grandson). Emily is divorced and living at home, Nancy D. has married and her husband, Frederick Shonhorse,(sp) age 26, born Hanover, Germany, is also living with Philip.

1870 Johnson County, Grover Township, Warrensburg, Missouri.
Barnett, Philip 77Dmst (?)  (May stand for Darmstadt) $5000 real estate, $2500 personal
   Susannah    67Penn.  (Not correct b. N. C.)
   Jesse          24Mo.  (Phillip Jesse Barnett, grandson)
   Elizabeth    14Mo.  (b. ca. 1856, no Elizabeth matching this birth date can be found.)

At the Payne Cemetery and close to Philip and Susannah are 3 tombstones:  Infant "Kate Da. of P & S Barnet died Mar 4 1846." Stone is broke in half.  The other stone reads: "Mary A. Da. of P & S Barnet died Sep 24 1855 age 22 yrs 8 mo 15 d."

John Barnet's age is also in dispute.  Frances Carter in her book states John was a twin to Mary A. b. 9 Feb 1833.  In the census records he is not listed as a twin and this fact was usually written very clearly.  I agree that if Lava was born 3 Oct 1831 and Mary A. was born 9 Feb 1833, there is not a wide enough time span between the two for Susannah to have another child, unless they were born prematurely, which is unlikely also.   At the Payne Cemetery Lava's tombstone reads that he died on 2 May 1855 and was 24 years 7 months 29 days.  In working this back, I get a date of 3 Sep 1830.  This date would fit with the census not showing twins.  This date would give plenty of time for Susannah to have her son John in 1832.

Children of Philip and Susannah (Flanigan) Barnet:

610. Jacob Barnett, born 17 Oct 1822, North Carolina, by unknown Mother.
611. Mariah Frances Barnett, born 5 Mar 1825, North Carolina.
612. Polly Barnett, born 28 Nov 1826, North Carolina.
(Refer to John Payne Family History)
613. Kate Barnett, born 11 Aug 1828, North Carolina.
In the Payne Cemetery is a stone with a death date, Mar 4 1846.
614. Lavie M. Barnett, born 3 Sep 1830, N. C. Little is known about Lavie because of a short life span.
He died 2 May 1855, with headstone reading 24 years 7 months 29 days, at the Payne Cemetery, near
Knob Noster, Missouri. Lava bought land the 23rd of Aug 1854, which was located in Section 8 Township 47 Range 24 SW¼ NW¼ and on the 28 Sep 1854, Lava bought land also in Range of 24 at NW¼ SW¼. He married Mary Ann Bradley in Johnson County, Mo. on 25 Mar 1855. Only two months later, Lavie dies.  There is no evidence as to the cause of his death. His father, Philip Barnet, was appointed administrator, 24 May 1855, of his estate since Lavie died without a will. Mary Ann Barnet, widow, still living in Johnson Co., Mo. No children were located for this union, nor were there any children mentioned in probate papers. Mary Ann Barnett married, 2/ 15 Jul 1856, to Jernon S. Burnett. This marriage is recorded in the Johnson County Marriage Records 1835-1879, pg. 41. But has not been traced.

615. John Barnett, born 1832, North Carolina.
616. Mary A. Barnett, born 9 Jan 1833, North Carolina. 
  In the Payne Cemetery, next to her mother is Mary's headstone with
"Dau of P & S Barnet, died Sept 24 1855,age 22 yrs,8 mos 15 days."
617. Nancy Delano Barnett, 10 Jan 1840, Missouri.
618. Clara C. Barnett, Jun 1834, Missouri.
619. Susannah Barnett, born 24 Oct 1837, Missouri.
620. Emily Jane Barnett, born Feb 1841, Missouri.
621. Phillip Jesse Barnett, born 15 Dec 1845, in Johnson County, Missouri. Phillip is often confused with his nephew who has the name Phillip James Barnett. Some feel this is the Phillip Barnett that died in the well from the newspaper article, I do not. Phillip JAMES Barnett was the Phillip Barnett who died by drowning. Phillip Jesse Barnet married 14 Dec 1873 in Johnson Co., Mo., with the record being recorded in Book 1, page 312, to Martha Jane Briles, daughter of Noah and Calley Briles. She was born about 1854. No children or census records were located for Philip and Martha Barnet.

Also an infant daughter Barnett, died Mar 1846, buried Payne Cemetery, Knob Noster, Mo. No other information.

Each child will head his own chapter.

610. Jacob Barnett, son of Philip Barnet, born 17 Oct 1822, Lincoln County, North Carolina.  From Philip Barnet's will it can be surmised that Susannah Flanigan was not Jacob's mother.  Philip leaves all his children property and money except Jacob and almost as an afterthought, Philip mentions Jacob as "not forgotten" and leaves him $25.00.  At that time in history, the eldest son was the principal inheritor of a father's estate, if he had already inherited from his father; this was usually stated as so in the will.  Jacob was born before the marriage bond of Philip and Susannah was dated and may well have been a son born from a first marriage of Philip Barnet.

Jacob married 1 Jul 1851, in Johnson County, Missouri to Emily Anne (Marshall) Goins, daughter of Thomas and Martha Marshall.  (Refer to Marshall Family History)  Emily was born 27 Aug 1823 in Virginia (Albemarle Co.?) and died 6 Mar 1880 in Johnson County, Mo., and she is buried beside her husband Jacob, in Payne Cemetery.

Emily had first married 23 Mar 1843 to Pollard Goins and had four children:
A. Martha Goins, born about 1844, died 12 Jan 1916, married James Bernard, (1841-1918); 
B. Mary F. Goins, born about 1846 and married a Mr. Payne, there is one known daughter: Millie A. Payne, born 1872, Missouri;
C. Thomas W. Goins, born about 1850. 
D. Malinda Goins.

No death date can be found for Jacob Barnett.  In the 1860 Johnson County census, he was married and in the 1870 census, the family is living in Linn County, Missouri.  Again by the 1880 census, he is back in Johnson County, Missouri, as a widower.

Jacob and Emily (Marshall) Barnett had 5 children:

622. Phillip James Barnett, born 23 Mar 1852. (See below)
623. John H. Barnett, born 1854. (See below)
624. George Washington Barnett, born 1856 in Johnson County, Missouri. He married 10 Feb 1884 first to Luticia Jane Amick, she was born 5 Jun1866 and died 17 Mar 1900, soon after the death of their 10th child who had died two days after birth.  Luticia was the daughter of David and Martha Jane (Amick) Beaty. George Barnett moved from Johnson County to St. Clair County, Mo. just 2 miles south of Oyer, Mo., and married the oldest Amick girl (The Amick's had moved from Johnson County to St. Clair County in 1882.)  They had seven children and Luticia and the baby both died after the birth of the last child. George and his brother went to The Dalles, Oregon soon after Luticia died.  In 1901, George sold his land in St. Clair Co. and took the seven living children with him. 
(Children's names were late arrivals.)
625. Bertha Ellen Barnett, b. 29 Apr 1888; d. 16 Mar 1959
626. William David Barnett, b. 24 Dec 1890; d. 4 Sep 1948
626a. Ernest Jacob Barnett, b. 26 Jul 1891; d. 2 Aug 1981
626b. Earl Albert Barnett, b. 24 Mar 1895; d. 22 Oct 1964
626c. George L. Barnett, b. 28 Dec 1896; d. 21 Jul 1961
626d. Roy Phillip Barnett, b. 22 May 1896 (?); d. 8 Jan 1977.

George, 13 years later married second Rhoda (Mc Kinley) Bull Nunn.
Rhoda who had gone to visit her sister Salley (Mc Kinley) Amick who married Lucinda (Amick) Barnett's brother, Lawrence Amick, she had also gone to The Dalles, Oregon.  Derl Barnett said, "Kent/Grass Valley, Oregon." Descendants are still living in the area.
622. PHILLIP JAMES BARNETT            610. JACOB          609. PHILIP BARNET

Phillip James Barnett, son of Jacob and Emily (Marshall) Barnett, born 23 Mar 1852 in Johnson County, Missouri.  He married 25 Oct 1874 to Edna Mariah Strickland, daughter of Lawson and Opal (Mikels) Strickland.  Edna Strickland was born 30 Mar 1852 and died 6 Apr 1937, 26 years after her husband drowned.  A copy of Phillip's bible was located in the Johnson County Historical Library in Warrensburg, Missouri.  This revealed the information about his wife and children and can be documented.  It states, "They were married at the age of 22."  Sadly no date was given.
NEW...  NEW  2006   (I did notice that you have Phillip James Barnett married to the wrong Edna Strickland.  Edna Mariah Strickland was the daughter of Elihu Chester and Harriet (Moulton) Strickland. Lawson Strickland was Edna Strickland Barnetts nephew, the son of Eugene Strickland and Elizabeth Amanda Barnett.  Source: Bill Pennington 2006)
There is much confusion between Phillip James Barnett and his Uncle, Phillip Jesse Barnett.  Phillip's middle name, James, was not used in most records; much was added to one or the other of the boys in error.  The Journal Democrat, Warrensburg, Johnson County, Missouri, dated Jan 13, 1911, reads as follows:  "Phillip Barnett, a well known farmer, losses his life accidentally.  No Particulars.  News reached Warrensburg yesterday as the J.D. was going to press that Phillip Barnett, a well known farmer 14 miles north east of the city, had lost his life by being drowned in a well.  Barnett's body was rescued from the well by William Applegate, a neighbor.  No further particulars were obtainable at the time of going to press.  Barnett leaves a wife, one grown daughter at home and three sons in St. Clair County." 

This item in the newspaper has been credited to Phillip Jesse Barnett AND Phillip James Barnett.  With backing from the page of Phillip James Barnett's bible, showing his death as 11 Jan 1911, it is clear that he was the one who drowned in the well.  Although his descendants do not record his death as thus.  From Derl Henderson Barnett's letter I received in Jan of 1991 has this information about Derl's great grandfather.  "Phillip died while hauling some water for the cistern with horses and a big barrel on a sled.  The barrel was overturned and he was face down in a small puddle of water with the team nearby."  Derl writes: "My story of Phillip James Barnett's death came from his granddaughter Gladys (Alkire) Kirk as told to her by her mother who was pregnant with her and was the one who went to find her Dad and upon finding him got the neighbor man to help." 

In 1900, Phillip and his family are still in Johnson County, with some of his children still at home, Ida, James, Louis, and Nellie. In all Phillip and Edna Barnett had nine children:
627. Ira Barnett, born 27 Jun 1875, Missouri.  In the 1900 Johnson County census, Ira is shown to be in Warrensburg, at 319 East Market St., with his wife Nannie M., who is 20 years old at that time and born Apr 1880 in Kentucky.
628. Jasper Elvin Barnett, born 15 Jan 1877.
629. Della M. Barnett, born 8 Dec 1878, Mo. buried Payne Cemetery. Tombstone reads, Della M. Barnett.
630. Infant son, born 13 Jan 1881, died 2 Feb 1881.
631. Ida Elizabeth Barnett, born 13 Feb 1882.  The bible page shows her in the death's section but unreadable. Derl Barnett has given the date of 4 Sep 1941. She married William Alkire, who was born 8 Aug 1875 and died 2 Sep 1960.
632. James Luther Barnett, b. 3 Jan 1884, d. 10 Aug 1953. James married Mrs. Mary (Baird) Morris, widow of Ira Baird, with 2 children.  They had two more children, a girl and a boy named Lloyd Barnett who was living in Oregon in Dec of 1986.
633. Louis Austin Barnett, born 15 Jan 1886, Mo., died 17 Mar 1970.Buried at Sunset Hill, age 84. Married 12 Mar 1913, to Lydia Margaret Henderson, daughter of William and Lydia Marge (Mc Kinzie)Henderson, born 22 Sep 1890 and died 30 June 1984. They had three children that lived around Denver, Colorado.
655. Louise Barnett married James Mc Graw.
656. Hazel Barnett married Billy Linsenbegler.
657. Hubert Barnett who died young.
634. Bertha E. Barnett, b. 28 Jan 1888, d. 4 Feb 1890.
635. Nellie Grace Barnett, born 8 Dec 1890, died 11 Jan 1978. Married about1911 to Andrew Wince Coffman; Andrew was born 28 Oct 1883; died 17 May 1972, Johnson Co., Mo. Had a daughter:
635a. Edna Mae Coffman, married 6 Mar 1943, Drue E. Anderson.
635b.Charles Edward Anderson, born 24 Jan 1953 in Rolla, Mo.; married 19 May 1977 to Cheryl Lynn Deppermann and they had:
635c. Laura Michele, 3 Jun 1983, Bowling Green.
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Jasper Elvin Barnett, son of Phillip and Edna Barnett, born 15 Jan 1877, St. Clair County, Mo., and died 6 Nov 1913. He married Cornelia May Amick, daughter of Martha Amick who had a sister Cornelia. Cornelia was born 15 Jan 1877 and died 6 Nov 1913.

Derl Barnett, grandson of Jasper tells this story. "Jasper Barnett came to St. Clair Co, Mo. to help his Uncle George (Barnett) who had married Luticia the oldest Amick girl, May's older sister.  They were married in Jan 1899 and Jasper soon settled on 80 acres southwest of the Amicks.  There he had a sawmill on Sims Creek where he sawed the lumber for his house, barn and other buildings.  Jasper became ill and died at age 36 of typhoid fever, which he got from drinking from creeks coming back from doing winter work in Arkansas.  May stayed on the farm and raised the 3 small children and had Christmas at her home for all the children for more than 60 years until she could no longer live by herself.  They are buried at Pleasant Springs Cemetery, St. Clair County, Mo."

They had children, Lytle, Homer, and Elsie:
636. Lytle E. Barnett b. 27 May 1908; married 14 Feb 1929, Orpha Arlene Henderson, da. of James Hiram (8 Jul 1874-18 Feb 1974) and Lillie Mae (Graver) (24 Oct 1880-14 Aug 1980) Henderson; she was b. 22 Jun 1908; d. 23 Oct 1985, Springfield, Mo.  Lytle was a farmer and is now retired near Osceola, Mo. They had 3 children Derl, Wanda and Noel:

642. Derl Henderson Barnett b. 13 Dec 1929 and married Dana Lee See, she was born 16 Jan 1932. Derl has quite a history of experiences. "My college education began in 1947, at the age of seventeen, one week after completing high school. I worked my way through college in four years and three months by the following was: six months for a boat repair and refinishing company (before and after work, about six hours, was spent in my uncle's grocery store for room and board); three months for Austin Been, farmer and rancher, handling the various types of equipment necessary to operate 4000 acres in Western Kansas; nine months teaching school between my sophomore and junior years; and by working part-time in a drugstore, and a restaurant. After receiving my degree (B.S. in Education) in August 1951, seven weeks were spent with General Motors Corp. in quality control, while waiting to be called into the Naval Air Cadets.

During the two years in the United States Navy, navigation, serology, engines, principles of flight etc., were studied for about seven months.  The last years was spent in a Naval education office making and administering tests and as an instructor for personnel needing remedial work.

I returned to General Motors, in Kansas City, Kansas, when released from the Navy.  The work consisted of coordinating the efforts of the tool designers and the toolmakers in the shop.

The school year 1954-55, I taught in Butler, Missouri under Mr. Charlie Frazier, now a principal in the St. Louis area. During the morning, I taught reading, language arts, and social studies to an eighth grade class.  In the afternoon, four classes of physical education were on the schedule.  My junior high basketball teams were beaten only three times during the season.

The year of 1955-56 found me teaching in Colorado near Greeley; where Dana, who is now my wife, was attending college.  I served as assistant elementary principal among my other duties.  1956-58, my wife and I have taught in the Glencoe Public Schools for Dr. Paul Misner, former president of the A.A.S.A.  I have been teaching 6th and 7th grade mathematics and science.  During this period, we have toured over 10,000 miles in Europe by auto, and a large part of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  The summer of 1960, we attended the University of Southern California where I had planned to work on my doctorate.  In 1961, a fine son arrived and we purchased a home in Northbrook. 1965-67, Group Rep. for the Group Dept. of The Equitable (N.Y.) Third largest Insurance Co. in the Equitable Bldg., Chicago. 1967-71, Group Rep. for Equitable, lived in Milwaukee area and had the Western half of Wisconsin.1971-82, Group Rep., Mgr. of Peoria Group Office. Interests photography, Ham Radio, Tennis and Genealogy. 

They have 2 children;
645. Stanton H. Barnett, b. 31 Mar 1961, Stanton graduated from Northwestern Univ. (Political Science), and then got his MBA form Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern. He is now an Asst. Vice-President at American National Bank on La Salle St. in Chicago, Ill. Stanton married on 12 Apr 1985 to Debra Sue Phillips, who was b. 1 Sep 1960. Stanton has a son:
647. Phillip Daniel Barnett, b. 14 Feb 1989. 
646. Maleea b. 6 Jun 1963. Went to Univ. of Alabama Tuscaloosa for 2 years, then graduated from Univ. of Kansas at Lawrence. Worked for Macy's in New York, Kansas City and Atlanta.  Now a Sales Rep. for a firm in Fla.

Continued children of Lytle and Orpha Barnett:
643. Wanda Mae Barnett b. 7 Oct 1931; married Jimmie Lee Coleman, born 30 Apr 1928.
648, Randa Lea Coleman
649. Cleta Jo Coleman
650. Craig Coleman
651. Jimmy Kent Coleman
652. Brent Coleman
644. Noel Dee Barnett b. 28 Jun 1935, married Peggy Joyce Gist, born 2 Feb 1937. Children:
653. Mia Janee Barnett, married Tom Carlew
653a. Joshua Carlew, b. 29 Sep 1989.
  654. Tadd Breton Barnett.

637. Homer Elza Barnett, son Jasper and Cornilia (Amick), born 2 Oct 1909 at Oyer, St. Clair Co., Mo.; died 7 Nov 1972 in El Dorado Springs, Cedar Co. Mo.; married 25 Jun 1936 to Lucile Jones; she was born 27 Nov 1914 in Clair Co., Mo.; died 7 Nov 1972, Pleasant Springs Cemetery, Oyer, St. Clair Co., Mo.  Homer and Lucile both graduated from Central Missouri State Univ. and taught school. Homer later farmed and was an Agent for Kansas City Insurance Co. for many years.  He enjoys golf and bass fishing.

They had;
655. Janice Elaine Barnett, born 15 Sep 1941 in Appleton City, St. Clair Co. Mo,; on 30 Jun 1968; married Earl Parris, son of Parlie Lamdrum and Gladys Ruth (Duffy) Parris. They graduated from Central Mo. State University.
655a. Kevin Barnett Parris, b. 2 Jun 1970.
638. Elsie Barnett married Marva Lines and had:
656. Hubert Lines
657. Cecil Lines
658. Rosalene Lines

Photos inserted
#69. Phillip James Barnett family. Cornelia (Amick) Jasper, Ida, Edna, James, Nellie, Louis, and Phillip James Barnett.

#70. Jasper E. and Cornelia May (Amick) Barnett, ca. 1898.

#71. Children and grandchildren of Cornellia and Jasper Barnett: B-R, L-R, Orpha Barnett, Rosalene, Cecil, Marva, Hubert Lines, Md: Noel, Wanda, Derl, Lucile Barnett, Frt: Lytle Barnett, Elsie Lines, Janice, May, Homer Barnett.

#72. Derl Barnett, 3 generations, Nov 1990. L-R: wf, Dana Lee Sue; grandson Phillip; son Stan, wife Debra Barnett; daughter, Maleea Barnett; and father, Derl Barnett.

John H. Barnett, son of Jacob and Emily (Marshall) Barnett, born 18 Feb 1854 in Johnson County, Missouri, and died 3 Jun 1937.  He married 9 Jan 1879 to Mary Helen (Hammond) Richie. In the 1900 census St. Clair County, Roscoe Township, Mo., he is listed John and his wife, Mary H. born Oct 1853 in Missouri; William A., son born Jul 1885 and daughter Angie F. born Nov 1889, Missouri.  Mary Helen Hammond had first married Charles Richie and they had Charles Richie Jr. born 1872, John Barnett and his mother, Mary, raised him.  Some say this family moved to The Dalles, Oregon. John was a blacksmith and farmed while in St. Clair County, Missouri.  "We think Mary Helen died and John married another Mary (b.15 Oct 1853-25 Sep 1936) and they both died in Freewater, Oregon."   John and Mary Helen (Hammond) Barnett had 4 children who can be located:

658. Benjamin Franklin Barnett, born 1881, Missouri.
659. Infant Barnett, born 1883 stillborn, Payne Cemetery.
660. William Barnett, born 1885, Missouri.
661. Angeline Barnett, born 1889, Mo.; md Lee Woods and some of her family may still live in the Roseburg, Ore. area.

Mary Helen Hammond's father could be Charles W. Hammond who died without a will and the following is recorded in Johnson County Records.  "STATE OF MISSOURI, County of Johnson, in the matter of Charles W. Hammond, deceased. Anthony Fisher says that to the best of his knowledge and belief the names of the heirs of the deceased, and the places of their residence are respectively as follows:
(All lived in Johnson Co.) Rachel Hammond, Susan A. Jackson (last name unclear), Nancy A. Marshall, George W. Hammond, Marsha Hammond, Mary Hammond, (Believed to be wife of John H. Barnett.) John Hammond, Angeline Hammond. That the said Charles W. Hammond died without a will; that he will make a perfect inventory of and faithfully administer, all the estate of the deceased, and pay the debts as far as the assets will extend, and the law-direct, account for pay and deliver all assets which shall come to his possession or knowledge, (signed) Anthony Fisher. this 21 st day of May 1863"

Jesse A. Barnett, son of Jacob and Emily (Marshall) Barnett, born Jan 1859 in Johnson County, Missouri.  He married 5 Mar 1905, in Missouri to Rebecca Jane, last name unknown, born Apr 1861 in Missouri.  Jesse moved with his family to The Dalles, Oregon. He is in the 1900 Johnson County, Missouri census.  Two children are listed in the census records.
662. George S. Barnett, born Apr 1883, Missouri.
663. John H. Barnett, born Dec 1887 in Missouri.


Abraham Lincoln Barnett, son of Jacob and Emily (Marshall) Barnett, born 6 Mar 1863 in Johnson County, Missouri.  Abraham went by the nickname of Link. He died 17 June 1945 in Johnson County, Missouri.  Link married 5 Mar 1905, to Bess Abitha Delania Hall, daughter of Henry and Matilda Caroline (Scharnhorst) Hall, born 25 Jul 1882 Johnson County, Mo., and died 9 May 1959, buried Payne Cemetery, Johnson County, Missouri.  When Link married Bess, she had one child named, Earl Hall, born 5 Jun 1905 and died 31 Jan 1966.  All the children were born in Johnson County, Missouri.  Link and Bess Barnett had 8 children: Irene, Winfred, Minnie, Tommy, Earnest, Grace, Virginia and Mary:
664. Irene Barnett, born 21 Dec 1907; md 1/ Henry Lewis Holbrook and married second Robert Quands.
672. James Lewis Holbrook, born 4 Mar 1925; md 14 Aug 1948, to Barbara Lee Clites.
Children were:
690. Susan Lee Holbrook, born 12 Apr 1954; md 30 Nov 1975 to Gerry Stevens.  They had two children:
690a. Erin Lelane Stevens, born 23 Jun 1976.
690b. Geremy Lewis Stevens, born 4 Aug 1978.
691. Stephen Lewis Holbrook, born 10 Mar 1953.
665. Winfred Barnett, born 3 Jul 1910, died 26 Feb 1978.
666. Minnie Barnett, born 30 Jan 1912, died 5 Feb 1912.
667. Tommy Barnett, born 23 Mar 1914; md 22 May 1937, Reva Wilson.
673. Sharon Sue Barnett, md 21 Oct 1958 to Stanley Barnett.
673a. Deborah Susan Barnett, born 4 Feb 1962.
692. Carrie Selene Barnett, born 30 Jun 1964.
674. Betty Delania Barnett, born 6 Dec 1939; md 25 Jan 1957, James Freeman.  They had one daughter:
693. Elizabeth Freeman, born Jul 1959.
675. Norma Jane Barnett, born 13 Sep 1943; md Robert Hancock.  Divorced. They had two boys:
694. Robert Daniel Hancock, born 8 Jun 1962.
695. Tommy Edward Hancock, born 18 Apr 1969.
676. Thomas Barnett, born 25 Feb 1946.
668. Earnest Barnett, born 30 Nov 1916, married 11 May 1943 to Audrey Jane Shockley.  They had one daughter:
677. Laurie Susan Barnett, born 14 Aug 1949; md 24 Mar 1967 to Earl Quattlebaum.  They had 2 children:
696. Cindy Susan Quattlebaum, born 10 Feb 1968.
697. Earnest Ray Quattlebaum, born 13 May 1971.
669. Grace Barnett, born 30 Jul 1921; md Lester Cozine. 6 children:
678. George E. Cozine, md Erma; had 5 boys and 2 girls; div.
679. Betty Lou Cozine, born 28 Jan 1945; md Robert Lass.
698. Linda Lass, born 17 Aug 1962.
699. Rickie Lass, born 15 Mar 1965, twin.
700. Nickie Lass, born 15 Mar 1965, twin.
701. Shelia Lass, born Apr 1975.
680. Bobby Leroy Cozine, born 16 Mar 1947; md Marcella.
702. Michael Cozine, born 19 Aug 1966.
703. Travis Cozine, born 18 Feb 1970.
681. Charles Lewis Cozine.
682. William Lester Cozine, married had one son:
704. William Cozine Jr.
683. Donald Lee Cozine, born 22 Feb 1952.
670. Virginia Barnett, born 28 Sep 1923, she married 12 Jan 1942 to Gerald Kenneth Vaughn.  They had 2 children:
684. Elmer Kenneth Vaughn, born 8 Dec 1942 in Riverside, Ca.;  md 1/ 1963, Mary Ruth Glaunch and md 2/ 1969 to Karen Elaine Viebroch.  Elmer and Mary had two children:
705. Annette Larese Vaughn, born 6 Apr 1964.
706. Larry Benjamin Vaughn, born 17 Jun 1966.
Elmer and Karen had two children:
707. Delena Katherine Vaughn, born 24 Aug 1968.
708. Daniel Ray Vaughn, born 11 Jan 1974.
685. Mary Lou Vaughn, born 19 Aug 1944, French Camp, Ca.; md 12 Oct 1970, James Edward Carver.  They had 4 children:
709. Sandra Christine Carver, born 16 Dec 1973.
710. Eric Dustin Carver, born 18 Jan 1976.
711. Roger Stoneman Carver, born 14 Sep 1977.
712. John Russell Carver, born 21 Jun 1979.
671. Mary Marie Barnett, born 4 Jan 1926 in Johnson Co., Mo.; md  Elmer Stroud; md 2/ 16 Feb 1952, Mo., Westley C. Waddle. Mary and Elmer Stroud had one son:
686. Ray William Stroud, born 11 May 1943.
Mary and Westley Waddle had three children:
687. Henry Lewis Waddle.
688. Janice Waddle, born 18 Sep 1952; md 1/ Robert Malloy; md 2/ Mr. Holstein. Janice and Robert Malloy had 1 daughter:
713. Laurie Lavel Malloy, born 10 Oct 1967.
Janice and Mr. Holstein had one daughter:
714. Rhonda Lynn Holstein, born 8 Nov 1971.
689. Kent Charles Waddle, born 19 Jan 1954; md 24 Jan 1977, Mo. Linda Mc Phillips. They had one daughter:
715. Lynette Ann Waddle.


611. Mariah Frances Barnett, daughter of Philip and Susannah (Flanigan) Barnet, born 5 Mar 1825 in Lincoln County, North Carolina.  Mariah died 6 Mar 1916 at the age of 91 years and 1 day, near Knob Noster, Missouri, and is buried at the Payne Cemetery. 
My father was 16 when his Great Great Grandma Barnett passed away; she had gone blind 45 years earlier from an eye surgery to remove cataracts.  The Doctor did surgery on both eyes at the same time and she never recovered any of her eyesight.  One of the kids had to sit next to her whenever she had a cup of coffee.  She would ask, before each sip, if there was a fly in her coffee. 

Mariah (some records show Maria) married first on 6 May 1847 to a neighbor friend of her father's, Jesse G. Grice.  The story was told that the marriage was arranged because the property neighboring the Barnet land would make a nice addition to the Barnet estate, and since Jesse Grice did not have heirs.  But the land that Jesse Grice owned at the time of their marriage was 2 miles to the east of Philip Barnet's land.

Jesse Grice was born in 1783 in South Carolina.  After coming to Missouri in 1832 he bought land in Washington Township, Johnson County, Missouri, on July 11, 1834 and Sep 5, 1836 in section 6, he bought land and on Aug 19, 1850, he bought land in section 3, just north of Philip Barnet, his father in law.  Jesse was also a witness to William Marshall on a deed in 1835.  Clearly Jesse and his first wife Martha, were early settlers in Johnson County.  Martha Grice came from Alabama with her husband and died in 1847 and is said to be the first buried in the Payne Cemetery, then Jesse Grice was buried beside his first wife.  After Mariah married Andrew Martin Payne, the cemetery grew to be known as the Payne Cemetery, which is from the land originally owned by Philip Barnet.  The 1850 Johnson Co., Mo. census shows Mariah, age 25, was married to Jesse Grice, age 77, and both living with her father, Philip.

Jesse Grice left a will that reads as follows:
"In the name of God, Amen -  I Jesse Grice of the County of Johnson and the State of Missouri being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say, First my will and desire is, that all my just debts be paid out of my estate, by my Executor here after named.  I also will and bequeath to my beloved wife, Maria Grice, all my real and to her heirs of her body, during her natural life or widowhood and in the event of her marrying again, that she take one third of my land, all the personal estate, and that the other two thirds of said land my desire is that (it) go to the heirs of her body, and after her death, that all the property pass to the heir of her body, and in the event of her decease without child or children, my will and desire is that all the property, both real and personal, shall be divided equally between Emile Jane Barnet and her brother Philip Jesse Barnet, the sister and brother of my said wife Maria Grice, to them and to their heirs and assign for ever, And I do hereby nominate and appoint my beloved wife, Maria Grice my Executor of this my last will and testament in testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and affixed my seal this 16th day of May AD 1850.  Witness: David Mock and John Payne      (signed)  Jesse G. Grice.
Dated 16 May 1850.  Johnson County Court House. 

This will was filed for probate in Johnson County, Missouri, on 14 May 1855.  Philip Barnet and Richard Marshall were securities for the probate court.  There were no children from this union.  Just 10 days later, Philip Barnet signed as administrator for the estate for his son, Lava Barnett, deceased.

Mariah's father, Philip Barnet, deeded land to each of his children a year before his death.  Mariah's property deed reads as follows:  "Know all Men by these Presents, that I, Philip Barnet of the County of Johnson in the State of Missouri, have this day, for and in consideration of the sum of One Dollar and parental love and affection from my daughter, Maria Payne to the said Philip Barnet in hand paid by Maria Payne of the County of Johnson.........., that is to say: Ten acres of land.  The W½ of the E½ of the NE¼ of the SW¼ of Section Two (2) in Township Forty-seven (47) of Range Twenty-four (24) West of the Principal Meridian. Said ten acres to extend across the above described 1/16 from South to North and of such width as to include one fourth of said 1/16 be the same more or less than ten acres, further and hereafter to be designated as Lot No. 3 in the division of said afore described 1/16 or 40 acre tract. Dated 6 Jul 1876." 

Two months after the death of her first husband, Mariah Barnett Grice married on 8 Jul 1855, to Andrew Martin Payne.  Son of John Payne and his first wife.  (Refer to Payne Family History) The following item is from the Standard-Herald newspaper of Warrensburg, Missouri.  "Maria Barnett was born in South Carolina, (incorrect, she was born in North Carolina.) March 5, 1825.  She was twice married, her first husband's name being, Jesse G. Grice.  She married the second time to Andrew Payne, July 8, 1855, and seven children were born to this union, four of whom are living, Jesse, who resides at Bucklin, Missouri; Mrs. Sarah J. Porter in whose home she died, John W. Payne of Margo, Oklahoma; and Andrew, who resides at the old home north of town.  She is also survived by 21 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren, 4 sisters and one brother.  Mrs. Payne died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Porter, about nine miles north of town on March 6, 1916, at the age of ninety-one (and one day).  She had been a member of the Methodist Church for fifty years and had been blind for forty-five years.  She was a loving mother and bore her afflictions with Christian fortitude."

Andrew Martin and Mariah (Barnett) Grice Payne had 7 children:
(Numbers are from Payne Family History)
493. Jesse Phillip Payne, born 24 Apr 1856.
494. Sarah Jane Payne, born 19 Apr 1859.
495. James W. Payne, born Jan 1860.
496. Susannah Payne, born 1861.
497. John William Payne, 6 Jan 1863.
498. Mary Elizabeth Payne, about 1867.
499. Andrew Martin Payne Jr., 8 Dec 1868.
These children and their families can be found in the Payne Family History Chapter.


615. John Barnett, son of Philip and Susannah (Flanigan) Barnet, born 1832 in Lincoln County, North Carolina.  John came with his parents and siblings to Johnson County, Missouri.  Not much is known about him.  John died and his father, Philip Barnet, was appointed the administrator of his estate on 15 Jul 1864.  An appraisement was taken of John's estate by Richard Marshall, Solomon T. Taylor, and Milton Swope, and the following was listed in said estate.
1 trunk    $4.00
6 chair frames6.00
1 feather bed & bedding 12.00
1 looking glass     2.50
1 saddle        12.00
1 two horse plough    2.00
1 one horse plough    2.00
1 sythe & cradle        2.50
½ reaper & horrow  50.00
1 grey mare      140.00
1 sorrel mare    100.00
1 white steer                   10.00
1 brindle cow & calf       12.00
1 red & white cow          15.00
1 white heiffer                  7.00
1 sow & shoats               15.00
Total  $505.00

In the final settlement, Albert Amick had made two loans of John and owed the estate for loans, $13.98 and $72.33.  For a total estate value of $591.31 but after all expenses were paid, the courts turned over to John's father, Philip Barnet by his signature, the amount of $318.32.

In Frances Carter's book which she published on the Barnett's, states that John was a twin to his older sister, Mary who was born 9 Jan 1833.  I do not believe that John was a twin.  In all the census records he is listed as a single child and is assigned his own age, never once listed as a twin or sharing an age with either his older brother or his younger sister.  The birth dates of the siblings may be incorrect.  John's "will" is not recorded but his father was appointed administrator of John's estate on 15 Jul 1864 and does not mention a will, a wife Mary or any children.  John may have died in the Civil War but no records were found to prove such.


617. Nancy Delano Barnett, son of Philip and Susannah (Flanigan) Barnet, born 8 Jan 1840 in Johnson County, Missouri.  She was Philip and Susannah's first child to be born after moving to Johnson Co. Mo.  Nancy died 29 Jan 1928.  On 22 Dec 1859 she married Fredrick Wilhelm Scharnhorst, born 14 May 1834 in Wolfeld, Hanover, Germany.  Fredrick Scharnhorst is not related to the other family of Scharnhorst's in that area.

Newspaper, Holden Progress, Holden, Missouri. Knob Noster Gem: "Another pioneer resident of Johnson County, Mrs. Nancy Delano Scharnhorst, passed away at her home north of Knob Noster, Jan 29 after along illness.  The deceased, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Barnet, was born in Johnson County 8 Jan 1840, and grew to womanhood in this community.  In Dec, 1860 she married to Frederick Scharnhorst, who died 33 years ago.  To this union 12 children were born, of whom 7 survive.  She leaves 123 grand-children.  She passed away within one mile of the place where she was born."  Dated 9 Feb 1928.

Frederick and Nancy (Barnet) children were:
716. John Henry Scharnhorst, born 4 Sep 1860 in Missouri, died 23 Apr 1877 in Johnson County, Mo.  "His death occurred from hanging in a apple tree.  Whether it was accidental or deliberate depends on which family tradition you want to accept.  Since the incident occurred during a period of history that the local newspapers have been destroyed and no death certificates were required, no proof exists except that he appears in the 1870 census and a tombstone was erected in his memory in the Payne Cemetery, which reads as follows: J. H. Scharnhorst born 4 Sep 1860, died 23 Apr 1877, son of F. and N D. Scharnhorst.
Family Tradition #1: John Henry was picking apples and was using a rope lasso to get higher in the tree and accidentally hung himself. (Author's note;  Apples do not ripen in Mo. in April.)
Family Tradition #2: John Henry was pruning an apple tree and playing around accidentally hung himself.  (Author's note;  Apples are not pruned in April in Missouri either.)
Family Tradition #3: John Henry was hung as a horse thief.
Author's opinion:  None of the stories above are completely true. That possibly a little truth in each but none of us will ever know the whole truth." From Frances Carter's book.
717. Conrad Fredrick Scharnhorst, b. 5 Nov 1862; d. 5 May 1904 Johnson Co., Mo. md Mary "Liza" Hall, da. of Henry Hall.
718. Matilda Caroline Scharnhorst, born 25 Feb 1863 in Mo.She married about 1880 to Henry Hall in Johnson Co., Mo.
719. Phillip Anthony Scharnhorst, born 14 May 1865 and married Alice Melvin Lynch on 19 Sep 1895 in Johnson Co., Mo.
720. Dora Susan Scharnhorst, born 30 May 1866 in Concordia, Johnson Co., Mo.; d. 14 Mar 1962, Harmon, Ok.; md John William Payne about 1886. (Refer to Payne Family History)
721. William W. F. Scharnhorst, b. 14 Feb 1870; d.18 Feb 1872.
722. Oliver Scharnhorst born Dec 1871, Johnson Co., Mo., died 13 May 1957, Woodward, Ok. Md 1/ Rosa Ashley, 29 Dec1897; md  2/ Rhetta Jackson in Missouri.
723. Albert Scharnhorst (twin) born 8 Aug 1873 and died 4 Mar 1904.  Albert married Rhetta Jackson after his older brother, Oliver, died.  Johnson County, Missouri.
724. Alvin Scharnhorst (twin) born 8 Aug 1873.  While playing outside close to his mother, a goat knocked Alvin in the fire that was being used to heat the water for washing, which resulted in his death, 24 Aug 1876.
725. Mary Jane Scharnhorst, born about 1874, married Novice Edward Malloy about 1897/8 in Gage, Oklahoma.
726. Sarah Alice Scharnhorst born 26 Dec 1879, married Jonathan Mickels about 1900 in Johnson County, Mo.
727. Charles Scharnhorst (twin) born 18 Jan 1885 and died 3 Jun 1949, married Dena Dierking in Missouri.
728. Unnamed Scharnhorst, 18 Jan 1885 (twin).
729. Marion Scharnhorst, born 26 Feb 1888; died 15 Oct 1871.

Photo Inserted
#73. 1887 B-R: Ollie, Albert, Matilda, Dora, Janie, Alice.
  Frt: Fred, Phillip, Father- Fredrick Scharnhorst, Charles, mother- Nancy (Barnett) Scharnhorst. Johnson Co. Missouri


618. Clara C. Barnett, daughter of Philip and Susannah (Flanigan) Barnet, born Jun 1834 in Lincoln County, North Carolina.  Clara died in 1916 and is buried in the Payne Cemetery, Knob Noster, Johnson County, Missouri.  On 28 Feb 1852, Clara married Wiley Maddox, son of John and Mahalia Maddox, he was born 22 Jun 1826 in Morgan County, Kentucky, and died in 1913 and is buried next to Clara in Payne Cemetery.

Johnson County, Missouri 1881 History Book, pg 906.  "Wiley Maddox, P. O. Grover, farmer and stock raiser.  The subject of this sketch is a native of Morgan County, Kentucky, and was born June 22, 1826, and when about 11 years of age his parents came to Cooper County, Missouri in 1837.  He lived there about 3 years, then moved to Morgan Co. Mo., where his parents lived about 4 years, then he came to Pettis County, then to Johnson County, where he has since lived.  In 1850 he took a trip to California.  He remained in the gold state about one year, then returned to his home by way of Mexico.  He married Feb. 28, 1852 to Miss Clara C. Barnett, and from this union they have two children, Mary Jane and James H. Maddox.  In 1858 he came to his present location, where he has improved 517 acres of land and is now among the most successful pioneers.  He was a Union man during the war." 

In the 1900 Johnson County, Mo. census Wiley and Clara Maddox is the in Grover Township with 2 servants, George Haul and Rex Dudley.  Wiley has stated that his father was born in Virginia and his mother in Kentucky.  Clara is listed as having two children with one living. 
Wiley and Clara (Barnett) Maddox had 2 children:
730. James H. Maddox, born ca. 1854 in Johnson Co. Mo. from the 1900 census it seems that James died before 1900.  He may have died in 1881.
731. Mary Jane Maddox, born ca. 1856 in Johnson Co. Mo. and died ca. 1920.  She married John Hall, date unknown. 
If the above information were correct, Mary Jane Maddox would have been 12 years old when her first child, James, was born. 

John had 11 children:
All the children were born in Johnson County, Mo.
732. James Hall, born about 1868.
733. Willie Hall, born about 1870, married and had at least 1 son.
734. George Hall, born about 1875, never married.
735. Jessie Richard Hall, born about 1877, married Prudence Packham and had 5 children.
736. Clara C. Hall, born 1879, married Eff Porter and had 3 children.
737. Louis A. Hall, born 1885, married Adelia Wilkins and had 4 children.
738. Benjamin Hall, born 12 Jun 1888, married Laura Ledra Hontz, and had 11 children.
739. Allen Hall, born 1890, never married.
740. Lonnie Clarence Hall, born 31 Jan 1894, married Mary E. Hontz, and had 6 children.
741. Annie Hall, born 1897, married 1/Mr. Wise and married second, Mr. Cox, no issue.
742. Sadie Hall, born 1899, married Otis Cox and had 6 children.

As can be seen by the numerous grandchildren (36) already listed, that the Hall line is quite extensive and those who are interested in pursuing this family should read the SCHARNHORST - LYNCH - BARNETT - THORNTON book by Frances Carter, shelved at the LDS Library at Salt Lake, Utah.


619. Susannah Barnett, daughter of Philip and Susannah (Flanigan) Barnet, was born 24 Oct 1837 in Lincoln County, North Carolina.  Her death date was not obtained but must have been after the 1900 census since she was listed as being in Johnson County, Missouri.

Susannah had married a soldier who was in the Union Army, on 18 Sep 1863, in Johnson County, Mo., Thomas Jefferson Malloy, son of Abel F. and Hannah Jane (Asberry) Malloy.  He was born 8 Jan 1843, Linn County, Missouri and died 26 Mar 1905 and is buried in the Payne Cemetery, near Knob Noster, Mo.  He is written in the 1912 History of Linn County, Missouri.

Thomas and Susannah (Barnett) Malloy had 5 children:
743. Elizabeth Amanda Malloy, born 1857, Mo., married about 1874 to Eugene C. Strickland.
744. Rose E. Malloy, born 18 May 1871 in Johnson County, Missouri. She married 14 Oct 1888 in Linn County, Missouri, to William L. Malloy, son of Powhatan Bolen and Mary Jane (Phillips) Malloy. They were first cousins.
745. Spottswood (Woody) Malloy, born 15 Jul 1875, died in Harmon, Oklahoma on 13 Jan 1925.  He married about 1895 in Missouri to Nora Ellen Hampton.
746. Andrew Martin Malloy, born 31 Mar 1878 in Johnson County, Missouri, died 22 Oct 1975 in Johnson County.  He married about 1900, to Ethel Dryer, daughter of David Crockett and Joann (Rimby) Dryer. (Refer to Dryer and Rimby Family Histories.)
747. Jacob Chandler (Jake) Malloy, born 27 Feb 1883 in Johnson County, Missouri.  No death date.  He married 1/ Bess Looney, married 2/ Mamie Dryer, daughter of David and Joann (Rimby) Dryer, and married 3/ on 8 Aug 1920 in Linn County, Mo. to Gladys Scharnhorst. (Refer to Dryer, Rimby, Scharnhorst Family)



620. Emily Jane Barnett born Feb 1841 in Johnson County, Missouri, daughter of Philip and Susannah (Flanigan) Barnet.  She died sometime after the 1900 census.  Emily had a diversified life, especially for the young years of the Midwest, but so did her husbands.  On the 15th Jul 1858 in Johnson County, Missouri, Emily married Hyram Gladison Thornton Fisher, son of Anthony and Margaret (Blevins) Fisher, born about 1838 in Pettis County, Missouri.  Hyram (Hiram) died 23 July 1875 in Johnson Co., Mo. 

Hyram and Emily had 4 children:
748. William Henry Fisher, born 1860 and died Dec 1948 in Linn Co., Mo. He married Mary Evaline Malloy.
749. Phillip Anthony Fisher, born 1869 in Johnson County, Mo. and is buried in Bucklin Cemetery, Linn County, Missouri.
750. Amanda Elizabeth Fisher born 10 Feb 1872; died 1966.  She had 2 children by Robert Augusta Malloy at the time he was her step-father.  Emily, Amanda's mother, finally divorced him after Amanda's second baby was born. Amanda married Able F. Malloy about 1880.  (Refer to Malloy Family)
751. Newton Holloway Fisher born 1874 in Johnson County, Mo. and died 1936 in Mo.  He married Etta Marshall in Johnson Co., Mo. (Refer to Marshall Family)

Emily's continued to marry……………
Second Marriage; Robert Augusta Malloy born 13 Dec 1852, Mo., died 4 Nov 1921, son of Abel F. and Hannah Jane (Asberry) Malloy.  {Abel had married Amanda Fisher about 1880} (Refer to Malloy and Asberry Family Histories). 
Robert married Martha Lackey first, Emily Barnett second, and Matilda Foster as his third wife.
Robert Malloy and Emily Jane Barnett Fisher had no children.

Third Marriage; James Thomas Marshall (Emily's third husband) was born 26 Dec 1832 and died 25 Mar 1906 in Johnson County, Missouri. Son of William Marshall, mother unknown.  His marriage to Emily Barnett was his third. He had married first Elizabeth Taylor on 11 Feb 1856 and second married in Mar 1860 to Caroline Bradley and then to Emily about 1889. 
James Marshall and Emily had no known children.

Fourth Marriage; John Wesley Brooks.  No information on him except that he was married to Emily Jane Barnett Fisher Malloy Marshall sometime after 1900.
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