Adam Buck Family
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Thanks to Fred Humphreys, this family history can be told. 
Lineage of Adam Buck, below, is:
Frederick Buck born 1716 in Germany
George Buck born 1740 in Germany   (Click here for more info on this George Buck)
George Buck Jr. born 1770 in NY, USA

This is the lineage of Adam Buck, he was born  in 1807 and died in 1839. 

Descendents of Adam Buck Family

Adam Buck was the son of George Buck, Jr. and Hannah Snook, and the grandson of George Buck, Sr. and Anna Snook.  Adam was born 28 October 1807 and died 1839 according to testimony of his brother, Frederick Buck in his land petition of 2 January 1850  in Kingston, Ontario Canada.  Frederick’s application listed Adam was the son of George Buck, Jr. and Anna “Hannah” Snook.  Adam was married twice.  His first wife was Ann [unk].   One child has been identified from Adams first marriage.  The child of Adam Buck and his first wife was:

i.    Mary Ann Buck.  She was born about August 1828 and married Norman Babcock. 
She died 31 October 1908 in Lincoln, Huron County, Michigan.  He died 16 June 1913
in Bad Axe, Huron County, Michigan.

Adam Buck second married in 1830 was to Nancy Dick Kidd.

A fair amount of confusion has surrounded our Adam Buck, son of George Buck, Jr.  and Hannah Snook.  He is one of four Adam Bucks in Kingston.  He is most often confused with his uncle, Adam born in 1783, who was the son of George Buck and Hopp.  To confuse matter even more, this Uncle Adam had a son named Adam who was also born in 1807.  Additionally, our Adam’s son, Thomas George Buck had a son, named Adam born in 1860.  This last Adam was the grandson of our Adam.  The first record of our Adam Buck is in the land petition of his brother Frederick who listed all his brothers and sisters (see above).

Nancy was one of six children and the extended promenade families of James Harshaw and “Honest” John Martin.  “Honest” John Martin was the publisher of “The Irish Felon” who was tried for in 1848 treason and sent to Tasmania.   In 1854, he escaped from prison and settled in Paris.  Nancy was born between 1804 and 1807 in Bushkill, County Down, Ireland and was the daughter of William Kidd and Matty Martin.   She was the widow of Robert Dick.  Records indicate that Nancy and Robert had one or more children.  Robert and all the children died of cholera. Adam and Nancy were married on 19 August, 1830 at St. George’s Cathedral in Kingston, ON. Canada . 

The children of Adam Buck and Nancy Kidd were:

i.    John Martin Buck born 1832 in Kingston, ON, Canada

ii.   Martha Jane Buck born 1837.  She married Alexander McCoubrey in ON. Canada on
11 April 1858.  She died 10 March, 1897 in Kearny, Johnson County, WY.  Alexander
and Martha Jane had seven children; Thomas Martin b. 6 March 1859, William Alexander
b. 25 September, 1860, Nancy Jane b. 13 July 1862, Victoria Albertina b. 23 September
1864, Mary Ann b. 25 December 1866, Andrew b. 31 August 1869, and Henry Fowler,
b. 20 August 1872.

     iii.  Thomas George Buck born 1837 in Kingston, ON., Canada.  He married Jean Hutton on
15 December 1857 in Carrick Twp. ON. Canada.  Thomas and Jean had eight children;
Adam b. 1860, Agnes, b. 1862, Anna Jane b. 1864, Christine b. 1870, Thomas George
b. 1872, Elizabeth b.1875, John James b. 1878, and Wesley Buck b. 1880.

1st Generation after Adam Buck

John Martin Buck was born 18 February 1832 in Kingston Ontario, Canada.  His parents were Adam Buck and Nancy Kidd.  John Martin Buck was married twice.  His first marriage was to Mercy Ann Babcock in Kingston Ontario on 9 May, 1853.  She was the daughter of Darius Smith Babcock  and Mary Horning.  Mercy Ann died 12 June, 1862 in Canada .  His second marriage was to Frances Burnsides was in Corden, Union County, IL on 17 November, 1870 .  He died in 29 June, 1915 in Union County, IL.  He was buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery.   John Martin Buck and Mercy Ann Babcock’s children were:

i.    Nancy Ann Buck born 13 February 1854 in Ontario, Canada. She married Joseph Norton
in Union County, IL on 12 September, 1875.  She died 9 September, 1923.  Joseph Norton
and Nancy had seven children; George Leslie b. September 1876, Olive Ethel b. June 1879,
Sarah b. October 1881, Merle James b. September 1883, Ray b. February 1887, Lloyd
b. October 1890, and Carey Clyde Norton b. June 1894.
    ii.    George Wesley Buck born 6 April 1857 in Ontario, Canada
   iii.    George Darius Buck born 25 August 1859 in Ontario, Canada
   iv.    Mary Jane Buck born 12 April 1862 Ontario, Canada.  She married Charles Wesley David
     in 1885.  Charles and Mary Jane had two children; Harold Wesley and Myrtle David.

No birth or baptismal records exist of John Martin Buck in Canada.  We know that John Martin Buck is the son of Adam Buck from a land sales contract in Kingston Ontario dated 13 April 1853 that identifies John Martin Buck as the “eldest son and heir-in-law of the late Adam Buck deceased.”  The document is signed by George Buck, Jr. and John Martin Buck 

Mercy Ann Babcock was born 13 August 1835 in Wellington City, Ontario, Canada.  She was the daughter of David Darius Babcock and Ann Tyron.  She died on 12 June 1868 in Canada.  Her father, David Babcock was a United Empire Loyalist who served in the Blockhouse. 

2nd Generation after Adam Buck

George Darius Buck was born 25 August, 1859 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  His parents were John Martin Buck, born February, 1832 and Mercy Ann Babcock, born 14 August, 1835 both of Ontario, Canada.  His occupation was a switchman for the Illinois Central Railroad in East St. Louis, IL.  George Darius Buck immigrated to the United States in 1888.  George married Ada Mary Lepper on 19 August, 1882 in East St. Louis, IL .  Ada Lepper was the daughter of George C. Lepper and Jane McMurry.  George died in Chicago, IL on 22 January, 1926.   He was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery 26 January, 1926 .  George Darius Buck and Ada Mary Lepper had two children:

i.      George Martin Buck born 2 July, 1883 in East St. Louis, IL.
ii.Charles Allen Buck born 19 October, 1890 in East St. Louis, IL

Ada Mary Lepper was born 18 October, 1861 in Trenton, Union County, Illinois.  Her parents were George C. Lepper and Jennie McMurray.  George Lepper was born in Ireland


3rd Generation after Adam Buck

George Martin Buck was born on 2 July, 1883 in East St. Louis, Illinois .  His parents were George Darius Buck, born August 1860 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and Ada Mary Lepper , born 18 October 1862 in Illinois.  Her parents were George C. Lepper and Anne Mc Murry.  George Buck was an accountant for the railroad.  He married Dorothea Annette Schuette on 24 April, 1912 in East St. Louis, Illinois .   He died on 9 June, 1971 in St. Louis, MO  and was buried 12 June, 1971 in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Belleville, Illinois. The children of George Martin Buck and Dorothea Annette Schuette were:

     i.    George Reinhardt Buck was born, November 1913 in East St. Louis, IL. 
He died in 17 June, 1914 in East St. Louis, IL
    ii.    Dorothy Marion Buck born 24 November, 1914 in E. St. Louis, IL . 
She died 12 September, 1990 in Illinois. .
   iii.    Ada Mary Buck born 18 September, 1916 in East St. Louis, IL   She had five children.
   iv.    Helen Georgiana Buck born 16 August, 1924 in E. St. Louis, IL.  She died 24 May 2002.
She married Vernon Dale Barbee who died in 2005.  They had two children.
    v.    Gertrude Carolyn Buck born 6 December, 1918 in East. St. Louis, IL
   vi.    Robert Allen Buck born 24 March, 1920 in E. St. Louis, IL. 
     He died in 14 August, 2001 in Des Moines Iowa.  Robert Buck had three children.
4th Generation after Adam Buck

George Reinhart Buck was born, November, 1913 in East St. Louis, IL.  He died on 17 June, 1914.  He was buried on 18 June, 1914 in St. Peters Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dorothy Marion Buck was born 24 November, 1914 , at home in East St. Louis, Illinois.  She was entered the Navy in World War II, serving as a Communications Officer.  She married Commander Frederick Chandler Humphreys of Boston, MA, on 16 February, 1947.  She died on 12 September, 1990 in Clayton, Missouri and was buried on 17 September 1990 next to her husband in the Veterans Cemetery at Fort Snelling, Minnesota. 
Frederick Chandler Humphreys and Dorothy Marion Buck had one child:

i.Frederick Chandler Humphreys, Jr., born 17 February 1948 in Annapolis, MD .


5th Generation after Adam Buck

Frederick Chandler Humphreys, Jr.

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And a special Thank you for sharing here on my site.  Beth
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Dorothea Annette Schuette was born 20 June, 1890 in East St. Louis, Illinois.  Her parents were Reinhart C. Schuette, born 26 November, 1848 and Carolyn Wilhelmina Pfieffer, born 15 February, 1857 in both in Germany.   She died 10 February, 1971 in East St. Louis, Illinois; he was buried on 12 February, 1971 in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Belleville, Illinois.

Charles Allen Buck was born 19 March, 1890 in East St. Louis, IL.  Charles served in the Army in France during Word War I.  He was married to Connie [unk], they had no children.  He died 6 July 1955 in San Bernardino, California.
Dorathea A. Schutte was wife of George Martin Buck. East St. Louis, IL 1965. ------------->
Darius Buck Citizenship Papers
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