1933 May -Edward W. Dryer, photos from his baby book.
1937 on photo, from his baby book.
1943  Rollie (Roland McKay Jr.) Clark McKay, Edward Dryer.
1945 Aug, because his birth date.
1946 Graduation from 8th grade, age 14.  Joined Army soon after with his mothers premission.
1962  wedding 6 Oct Holyoke, Mass
1968  on photo
1963 May 22  You sent me all their names.
Nadine (Haines) Dryer McKay.  Name only -need date of photo? b. d.
This photo was name "At the Beach"  Little girl is Sharon.
1946 Just before joining Army.
1946 Soon after joining the Army.
1947 or 1948
About what year was photo taken?
After returning from his 1st combat tour.
This one say Sgt. in Germany.         Year?
This one is a WOW... New Foundland 1965.
About what year was photo taken?
1965  Little one is ME! with Daddy, Sue Dryer Pritchard
1962-63 right after my parents were married, Edward Dryer.
Siblings to Lonnie: 1968 Jessie Elbert and sister Josie Ann (Dryer) Kirby -Lonnie's siblings. 

This is my Dad.  He and Josie were very loveing and warm people.  In any photo of my Dad you can see he will have his arms around my Mom or anyone he loved.  Point a camera at him and his eyes would light up.  He was 91 and 9 months when he died in 1993. Married 29 Sep 1921
1st Photo taken 1910   All 3 is of David & Joann, (pronounced Joe Ann in Missouri)
David Crockett Dryer b.1858 Hickory CO., MO -
d. 1926 Marshall, Saline CO., MO
Joann Rimby b. 22 Dec 1855 Barren Co., KY
-d. 4 Oct 1931 Marshall Saline Co., Missouri
Right: Lonnie is in a white shirt . No dates on either photo.  My Dad was rather quite about his siblings.  He was the oldest and felt he should have taken care of them better.  Mom said she didn't know much about Lonnie or Velma.  They were quite and "a little stand offish".  Dad must have got all the talkative and friendly personality.   I have been referred to as having Dad mouth.  ;-) 
Sue.......Now,  I would like to introduce you to your ancestors.
My parents:  Jesse E. Dryer and
Lelia Dell Dryer b. 29 Sep 1901
Barton CO., MO  d. 4 Jan 1980 Bencia, CA
Sibling -Velma left home young. Came home in 1939 for
her mother's funeral and never heard from again.  She even left the funeral early and didn't go to the house afterwards like it was expected to do then or that was what everyone thought until they checked her mother's jewelry and a few other items. 
The Dryer Girls....  as we were named by those in Missouri.
This was in 1989 when the 3 of us went back to Missouri for my oldest sister's (middle) 50th school reunion.  Genieve was a class behind but the country school was so small everyone knew each other and besides, most were cousins in some matter.  That is me on the right.  I was born 14 years after Genieve and had left Missouri for CA when I was 3 yrs. old.  I had not been back to Missouri since I was 8 years old.  Kinda eerie when everyone knew you and you don't know who you are talking to. We did genealogy research on this trip and had a ball.  Lot of fun.  Us 3 girls had never been anywhere together before, besides family gatherings.  I was born 17 Jun 1938 Lamar, MO.
The only photo we could find of Edgar Dryer & Ada Ann Payne together is this family group photo.  Edgar Dryer b. 9 May 1880 d. 4 July 1939. Josie Dryer Kirby. This taken 1904

On Edgar's lap is my father, Jesse and on Ada's lap is Josie Ann Dryer b. 14 Sep 1903, d. 1 Aug 1968
Left; Ada Ann (Payne) Dryer.  Didn't she have beautiful, natural gray hair.  She was born 1 Jul 1886 Johnson Co., Mo. d. 23 Apr 1939 Jasper Co., MO
Your Grandfather
Your Great Grandparents.
Your Aunts and Uncle
Lonnie's siblings
Your Great Great Grandparents
Your Great Great Grandparents.
Parents of Ada Ann Payne
Jesse Philllip Payne
b. 24 Apr 1856 Johnson Co., MO
d. 25 Apr 1939 Linn Co., Missouri
m. 16 Feb 1907
Emma Marie Thompson
b. 19 Apr 1857 Johnson Co., MO
d. 20 Apr 1896 Johnson Co., MO

Jesse m. 2nd Dovie Leona Malloy
Great Great Grandmother
Louisa (Andrews) Dryer Fisher Ashworth. She is the mother of David Crockett Dryer.  She was born 14 Dec 1820 in Bavaria (Germany), d. 18 Jun 1890 Dallas Co., MO
She was the 'girl next door' to Frederick Dryer, our immigrant, he was b. abt 1816 in Germany, came to US in 1832 moved to Illinois where he met and married Louissa.  He d. 25 Mar 1860 Hickory Co., MO. Louissa outlived 3 husbands.
William is father to Joann Rimby Dryer above. He married Sarah Ann Tinsley 1840 in Kentucky.  Sarah was born 1822 Barren Co., KY, d. abt 1855 Polk CO., MO.  William married 2nd to Sarah Jane Swift, a widow
of William Gilbert Pate. Sarah died 10 Dec 1928 MO
Your Great Great
Great Grandfather
Meet your 1st cousins once removed
Family of
Edward Warren Dryer
Edward is the son of Lonnie Dryer and Nadine (Haines) Dryer McKay.
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