The earliest connection that might be made would be with a Captain James Dunlop of the Queen’s American Rangers in the year 1780.  It has been noted in other records that our family ancestor, Andrew Dunlop was designated as UE but I have found nothing concrete to connect that honour to him as yet. 

Early property records in Kingston, Upper Canada (Ontario) show land owned by James Dunlop.  The acreage was located on the west side of Portland Road, Cataraqui (Kingston’s original name) just north of the city centre in early Belden Atlas records for Ontario.  A James Dunlop and wife Mary A. Dunlop are recorded buried in Milton Cemetery, Pittsburgh Township, Upper Canada – across the river from Kingston proper.  It is recorded that a James Dunlop b. 1810/11 built at Kingston sailing vessels of 330 to 350 tons burden each

Possible siblings of Andrew are a Robert J. Dunlop and Elizabeth Dunlop. Robert had land just east of the Military Reserve, Pittsburgh Township, Frontenac County, and is buried in Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, Upper Canada. Listed in the 1901 Census of Canada is a Robert Dunlop b. Feb. 3, 1824 age 76 and sister Elizabeth b. Jan.22, 1829 age 71.  This would put them in the same generation bracket as Andrew b. 1831.

In the 1851 census for Kingston our ancestor Andrew Dunlop (purser on steamship sailing out of Kingston), James Dunlop (mariner) and Robert Dunlop (retired pensioner) were all listed as living at 1 Barrack Street, Kingston, Ontario. The street is just a few steps from the dock yards where Andrew Dunlop would have been sailing from Kingston harbour. 
JUNE 30, 1831 – FEBRUARY 20, 1918
Isabella and Andrew Dunlop
ANDREW DUNLOP was born June 30, 1831 in Pittsburgh Township, Frontenac County, Upper Canada of Irish origins.  *Note: Pittsburgh Twp. included the town of Kingston before it became a city.  No records have been found as yet to confirm his parents’ names but the above mentioned James and Mary may be his parents or his grandparents.   Andrew had a sister, Mary Dunlop, who later married Samuel Chestnut of Kingston.

Andrew Dunlop married Isabella (no maiden name confirmed - b. abt. 1831 in Scotland) in Kingston, Ontario about 1853.   Note * their first son had the second name of Wallace and I think that was probably the maiden name of Isabella……..
Andrew Dunlop began his career as a steamboat man in 1854 by taking the position of purser on the propeller Lord Elgin.  In 1856-57 he acted in a similar capacity on the St. Lawrence and New Era, of the old Royal Mail Line, then carrying the mails from Brockville west as the Grand Trunk Railway was not constructed through to Toronto until 1857.  In 1858 the new Canadian Inland Steam Navigation Co. was formed and Andrew entered the service of the new organization.  He served as purser on the propellers West, Banshee and Avon and later on the steamer Boston.  In 1861 he was purser of the steamer Empress.  In 1862 came his promotion to Captain of the Empress and between that date and the spring of 1876 he commanded the steamers Champion, Kingston, Corinthian and Spartan of the Mail Line and the Richelieu & Ontario Navigation Companies.  In 1876 Capt. Dunlop resigned command of the Spartan to take the position of Inspector of the Royal Canadian Insurance Company in the belief that his retirement from the life on the “rolling wave” was for good.  But in 1889 he found himself again on the lakes in command of the steamer Norseman in the employ of the general manager of the Richelieu & Ontario Navigation Company.  In 1891 he took command of the steamer Kathleen and in 1892 went back to the old line on the steamer Corinthian.  Since that date he commanded the Algerian, the vessel on which he sailed some 25 or 30 years prior. In his obituary of Feb. 20, 1918 Captain Andrew Dunlop was described as one of Kingston’s most highly esteemed mariners and was one of the most reliable and trusted officers on the lakes and his experiences gained in a long service fully entitled him to the confidence which was reposed in him..  He was also a man of many excellent “parts” and his passing would be genuinely and widely mourned.
Captain Andrew Dunlop died at the home of his son, A. Wallace Dunlop, of 187 Stuart Street, Kingston, Ontario on Feb. 20, 1918 – from pneumonia at the age of 86..  He was predeceased by his wife, Isabella, who died on Sept. 7, 1897 from heart disease.

Cataraqui Cemetery of Kingston, Ontario is the resting place of Capt. Dunlop and his wife, Isabella. Their stone marker is located in plot SE ¼ - Section 56 C.   Beside them is the stone marker for his sister, Mary Dunlop and husband Samuel Chestnut.

The children of Andrew and Isabella were May Emma * our direct ancestor, Elizabeth, A. Wallace, James, and Herbert.
MARY EMMA DUNLOP b. Mar. 20, 1854 married Cyrus Richmond Allison Ashley, b. Jan. 27, 1852  She would be called by her second name EMMA.  Both were born in Kingston, Ontario and married there on April 14, 1876.

Cyrus was the son of John Ashley and Margaret Chrysler UE * and was also the grandson of Margaret Buck UE and William Ashley (a retired British soldier serving with the 34th Regiment of Foote during the American Revolution).   Cyrus and Mary Emma moved to Napanee, Ontario – a small town just a few miles west of Kingston and Cyrus was employed as a dry goods salesman there.
*UE is a designation for United Empire Loyalist
Husband of Emma Dunlop
Cyrus Ashley died in 1887 at the young age of 35 from cancer, leaving his widow Emma, to care for their five children:

Harford Dunlop Ashley b. Aug. 13, 1877 – m. Georgie Seagram
Norman Russell Ashley b. Mar. 13. 1879 m. Archelina ? 
May Emma Gertrude Ashley b. Oct. 19, 1880 –d. 1943 – m. O’Connor, Potter, Searle (3 marriages) 
EDYTHE ISABELLA ASHLEY (our direct line) b. May 26, 1884
                                                         m. David Wylie Hornell b. July 14, 1880
Leila Muriel Ashley b. May 30, 1886 – d. Mar. 31, 1934 – m. a Mr. Robert  Brown
Emma (Dunlop) Ashley returned to Kingston after the death of her husband, Cyrus Ashley, to temporarily live with her father Captain Andrew Dunlop and wife Isabella. Their residence at this time was at 96 Rideau Street, Kingston.  It was about this time that Capt. Dunlop returned to work as a mariner since he had several more mouths to feed!!  As was stated earlier he began his mariners’ career all over again commanding the steamer, Norseman. 

Mary Emma moved to Montreal and took Norman, Harford and May there while she attempted to pay their way teaching piano in that city. Edythe and Leila, being the youngest, were left in Kingston to be raised by their auntie, Elizabeth (Dunlop) Dick, wife of David J. Dick who was also a steamship mariner on Lake Ontario. Leila was still living with the Dick family as of 1901 Census at the age of 14. May Ashley would grow up in Montreal, remaining in a convent school from 1890 to 1899.

Emma (Dunlop) Ashley remarried an alcoholic named Mr. D’ancy (Dansey ?), divorced him  and later remarried a man she met who was from North Dakota named Mr. Lemery. After this marriage the Lemerys moved back to his homeland of Conway, North Dakota.  Emma’s children would remain in Ontario and Quebec, (except for Leila who would visit her mother and meet and marry Mr. Robert Brown… remaining in the U.S to raise her own new family.)

When Emma Dunlop died in 1906 her body was returned from North Dakota to Kingston, Ontario for burial in Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston.  Her plot location is close to the plot shared by her first husband, Cyrus Ashley, and his mother Margaret Chrysler (their plot being lot 209, Section M of Cataraqui Cemetery).
Elizabeth (Leila ?) Dunlop b. 1857 married David J. Dick, a son of Captain James Dick of the same steamship lines that Capt. Dunlop served with.  They resided in Kingston, Ontario.  Elizabeth is buried in Section E, Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, Ontario. They had six children: William D. b. May 10, 1881, Herbert b. July 31, 1882, Isabel b. Oct. 4, 1885, Gordon D. b. Dec. 11, 1887, Howard S. b. Aug. 8, 1891, Florence M. b. Dec. 4, 1894.
                                                   ANDREW WALLACE DUNLOP

Andrew Wallace Dunlop b. Mar. 17, 1860 married Isabella Armstrong b. Oct. 9, 1865. They had two children: Irene E. b. Mar. 24, 1888 and Bessie b. Aug. 3, 1891.  A. Wallace Dunlop worked as a bookkeeper in Kingston.  A.W. Dunlop and wife Isabella Armstrong are both buried in Section E, Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, Ontario

James Dunlop b. Dec. 19, 1862 married Charlotte about early 1888.  They married in Kingston, Ontario and resided there …James was employed as a painter but other listings have him as a baker. He died on Dec. 1, 1945 at the age of 84 from carcinoma of the face. He is buried in Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, Ontario. They had five children: Isabell b. Dec. 31, 1889, Andrew b. Dec. 2, 1891, James b. Mar. 17, 1894, Harold b. Oct. 5, 1895, and Edith b. Dec. 2, 1898

Herbert A. Dunlop b. Dec. 9, 1863 married Susan E. Hutchison about 1887 in Kingston, Ontario.  He worked as a bookkeeper and the family resided in the town of Kingston.  They had five children: Mabel b. Mar.13, 1888, Russell b. Feb. 12, 1890, Hazel b. Mar. 30, 1892, Gracie b. Jan. 24, 1894, and Kenneth H. b. Sept. 28, 1895. Herbert, wife Susie, and children Hazel, Gracie, and Kenneth are all buried in Section E, Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, Ontario.

                                                     Our direct ancestor line
EDYTHE ISABELLA ASHLEY b. May 26, 1884 – d. Feb. 28, 1942 - daughter of Cyrus Ashley and Emma Dunlop and granddaughter of Captain Andrew Dunlop.

Edythe met David Wylie Hornell (b. July 14, 1880 – d. Jan. 18, 1952) while living in Montreal.  She stayed with her sister May Ashley and husband, Frank Potter and had a job working for Morgan’s Department Store.  Her brother Norman Russell Ashley and his wife Archelina lived in the Chateauguay area of Montreal.  David Hornell was in the employ of Ogilvies Dept. Store in Montreal and was living at 32 St. Lukes St., Montreal at the time. A few years earlier, in August of 1901, David Hornell had been married in Toronto to Ethel May Stevenson. They had one son, David Royal (Roy) Hornell b. Oct. 21, 1901. The ‘shot gun’ marriage failed and a divorce was decreed on April 4, 1911.
David and Edythe had been a couple for several years prior to his divorce as there are family photos of them in Niagara Falls in 1908.  They were married in Montreal, Hochelaga County, Quebec on June 27, 1911 just a few months after his divorce.  Neither he nor Edythe ever told their own children about half-brother David Royal Hornell.  David Royal, known as ROY, died in a seniors home in Oshawa Ont., at the age of 93.
                EDYTHE ASHLEY                                DAVID W. HORNELL
David and Edythe moved to Mimico, Ontario so that Dave could work as a salesman for his brothers at the Hornell Shirt and Waist Co. (ladies wear made on Spadina Ave., Toronto).   They would move out to a farm in Clarkson to accommodate Edythes’ sister May and her family who were destitute.  Mays’ husband, Frank, was to take care of the farm while Dave continued to drive into Toronto for work. .But Frank would squander the money given to him for the farm and the Hornells were faced with foreclosure of the farm.  Edythe and her family were forced to move back after a year to the home they still owned but had rented out on Eastbourne Ave. , Mimico.   They would remain at this residence all their married life.  Edythe never recovered emotionally from the death of her son Alan in January of 1941.  She took ill herself and passed away a short year later on Feb. 28, 1942.

David would continue to live in Mimico until he moved out of his daughter Muriels’ home to live in Lucknow for a short time and later in Oakville, Ontario.  He would pass away on Jan. 18, 1953.  Both are buried in Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario.

1.  Harry Ashley Hornell b. June 5, 1912 – Aug.2, 2004 m. Muriel Inkster b.Jan.22,1942
2.  Alan Wylie Hornell b. Jan. 1, 1915 – Jan. 29, 1941
3.  MURIEL ISABELL HORNELL  b. Oct. 5, 1917 m. Lorne Paterson b. July 28, 1918  - Feb. 27, 1985 
                             Children OF LORNE and MURIEL PATERSON

         Donald Ian Paterson.
         Carol Ann Paterson m. Donald Jeremiah
         Gail Isabell Paterson m. David Brian Gregory
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