BUCK, Margaret Jane m. Thomas ROBINSON  By Rita Martin
BUCK, Helen Julia m. James Phillip GAGE  By Loraine Ertelt
BUCK, Caroline m. Robert Forbes by Kathy
To Our
Women In History
"LOYALIST WOMEN"  For the Canadians
As we all know, daughters marry and change their names, when they do, lines are broken and can no longer be searched by their maiden names, even though the daughters carry the same family gene as the son. Seems rather unfair to me that daughters do not have the same standing as the son. 

So this page is going to pick up where the maiden names leave off.  These women will start a new line to be researched and
hopefully will start
A new limb on your tree!
DRYER, Emma Viola m. James Roscoe BEWLEY By Sherry
SHINN, Matilda -Mary Ellen Harbert & James K. Morey