Philip's 2 oldest sons are not named in this Land Memorial, Michel and Frederick Buck.  Michel born 1774, had moved to Halton Co., (Toronto) area and may have been well established. 
Frederick Buck, b. 1772 PA, had married Barbara Leper, had at least one child in Niagara, Ontario, Phillip born 1800.  Then the family is found at Buffalo in 1802, New York area in Erie County.  There he had a total of 13 children, including 2 sets of twins.
2005 November *NEW*
In all the records of Philip Buck's wife name was Margaret.  I requested the Baptismal certificate of their son, Philip Jr.  born in Sorel, Quebec while waiting for their land to be surveyed in the Niagara area of Ontario, at the Canada Archives the baptismal papers were filed for Philip Jr.  Parents were listed as:  "Anna Marguerite (Margaret) SAULTMAN and Philipp Bucke"  With a twist of French. Finally after all these years of research we now know her name.  Her parents have not been located, as of yet!
1834                                                        PHILIP BUCK UE 
Land Memorial

"A memorial (so far as relates to land in the Counties of Lincoln and Haldimand- bh) to be registered pursuant to the Statute in such case made and provided of the Probate of the last Will and Testament of Philip Buck senior late of the Township of Bertie in County of Lincoln in the District of Niagara and Province of Upper Canada yeoman deceased, bearing date of the Sixth day of March in the year of Our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and thirteen. 

Whereby he gave & bequeathed and reserved to Margaret his dearly beloved wife out of his estate a good decent and comfortable maintenance during her natural life.

He also gave and bequeathed unto Philip his third son the sum of one hundred dollars to be paid out his estate, he also gave and bequeathed unto George his fourth son the sum of one hundred dollars to be paid out of his estate. 

He also gave and bequeathed unto William his fifth son and Peter the seventh son both of Bertie aforesaid yeomen, his home stedd farm which he then possessed to them, and their heirs and assigns forever, to be equally divided between them, he also gave an bequeathed unto Abraham his sixth son, the sum of fifty dollars to be paid out of his estate. 

He also gave and bequeathed unto the heirs of his late Daughter Mary and his second daughter Rosamia (Rosanna-Roser) and to his third daughter Elizabeth the sum of one hundred and twenty five dollars to be equally divided amongst them out of this estate, he also gave and bequeathed unto Margaret his fourth daughter fifty dollars to be paid out of his estate, he also gave and bequeathed unto Catherine his fifth daughter fifty dollars as aforesaid, which said

Will is witnessed by Edmund Raymond late of the Township of Bertie aforesaid, Saddler, Benjamin Pitts Dodge late of same place, Physician, and Charles Hubbard of the same place yeoman,

And this memorial thereof so far as it relates to lands in the said Counties of Lincoln and Haldimand is hereby required to be registered by me William Buck one of the Devisees name in said Will.

Witness: my hand and seal this 29th day of January 1834.

Signed and Sealed               )
in the presence of         )
sd. Crowell Willson             )   sd. William Buck  (LS)
sd. Thomas Jennings           )
1813Philip Buck WILL

The cover page: "1813 Will of Philip Buck    ______ 23d March 1813"
Transcript: (Paragraphed for easier reading)

In the name of God - Amen Township of Bertie County of Lincoln District of Niagara and Province of Upper Canada. Yeoman, being weak in body but in full possession of all my rational Facilities thanks be to God and calling to mind the Mortality of my Body Knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and Testiment. That is to say principally and first I give and Recommend my Soul into the hands of God that give it and for my body I consign to the Earth to be buried in a Decent and Christian like manner. Not Doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the Mighty power of God. and       Such Worldly Estate where with if hath pleased God to Bless me with in theis life.

I give Devise and Dispose of the same in the manner to be here in that is to say In the first place I give bequeath and Reserve to Margaret my Dearly beloved wife out of my Estate a good Decent and comfortable maintainence, During her life.

I also give and bequeath unto Fredrick my oldest son One Hundred and Fifty Acres of Land out of Lots Number Thirty five in the Ninth and Thirty Six in Tenth Concession in the Township of Beverly, Home District and province aforesaid to him and his heirs and assigns forever.

I also give and bequeath unto my second son Mical one Hundred and Fifty Acres of Land being the residence of the two Lotts above mentioned to his and his heirs and assigns forever.

I also give and bequeath unto Phillip my third son the Sum of One Hundred Dollars to be paid out of my Estate.

I also give and bequeath unto George my fourth Son the Sum of One Hundred Dollars to be paid out of my Estate

I also give and bequeath unto William my fifth Son and Peter the seventh Son my home Farm which I Now possess to them and their heirs and assigns for ever to be equally Divided between them.

I also give and bequeath unto Abraham my sixth son the sum of Fifty Dollars to be paid out of my Estate

I also give and bequeath unto the heirs of my late Daughter Mary and to my second Daughter Rosinia and to my third Daughter Elizabeth the Sum of One hundred and Twenty five Dollars to be equally divided amongst them out of my Estate.

I also give and bequeath unto Margaret, my fourth Daughter Fifty Dollars to be paid out of my Estate

I also give and bequeath unto Cathrine my fifth Daughter Fifty Dollars as aforesaid I also bequeath unto William & Peter above mentioned my Fifth and Seventh Sons all My personal Estate.

I also Nominate and appoint Phillip my Third Son and William my Fifth Son Together with my beloved wife my Executors to my Estate and This my last Will and Testiment and do hereby utterly Disallow Revoke and Disnull all former Will or Wills Testiment or Testement Whatsoever In Witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and Seal this sixth Day of March in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirteen  (1813)

Signed Sealed published and provisioned by the Said Phillip Buck Sen. as his last Will and Testiment in presence of us the
Subscribing Witnesses:
Edmond Raymond                                    Philip Buck (signature)
Benjamin Pitts Dodge 
Charles Hubbard
Reel# GS 1-649 "Surrogate Court Lincoln County 1813-1833" at the Archives of Ontario in Toronto.
Transcipt of above: 1870-1982; New York Historical Society 1895, Abstracts of Wills, vols 1744-1766, 1777-1783, 1780-1782; typed documentation received 19 May 1997, by Barbara Stoddard from Alice Bentley. From Barbara Stoddard to Beth Humphrey 6-2005
At the bottom of will is:
"District of Niagara} In the Surrogate Court _____ Upper Canada  Be it Remembered that on the twenty third day of March 1813 personally came to the office of the Surrogate Court for the District of Niagara
Edmond Raymond of Bertie yeoman who being duly sworn on oath deposeth and saith that he was together with Benjamin Pitts Dodge and Charley Hubbard also both of Bertie. Personally present when the above named Testator Philip Buck signed, sealed and ____the above will______to be his last will and testament said Deponent farther swears that they the subscribing witness signed in presence of the Testator and of each other And further Deponent saith not.
Edmond Raymond
Sworn before me at Niagara the 23d day of March 1813
Robert _____________"
Source: Copy of Original was sent to me by Janette Lozon 8-2005 
Reel# GS 1-649 "Surrogate Court Lincoln County 1813-1833" at the Archives of Ontario in Toronto.  Philip Buck had signed it on March 6 1813.
Upper Canada Land Petition, "S" Bundle Miscellaneous 1787-1794,
(RG 1, L3, Vol 494) # 150,
To His Excellency John Graves Simcoe, Esq., Lt. Gov. of the Prov. of Upper Canada..
2nd July 1793.
The Petition of Timothy Skinner,
Humbly Sheweth

To Your Excellency in Council that Your Petitioner Sufferd very much by Fines Imprisonment and other oppression from the Americans during the Late War and that he came and put himself under the British Government soon after the War was over and has lived ever since in this District.  Begs to inform Your Excellency that there is a small Creek a little below point Ebino above Fort Erie running thru a piece of waist Land from a Swamp capable of Erecting a small Mill for the Benefit of the Neighbourhood which is much wanted there. Your petitioner therefore most Humbly Requests that your Excellency will Please to permit him to Build a Mill thereon and grant him one hundred acres of Land adjoining therto on the Same Terms as is granted to the rest of the Province And your Petitioner will be ever bound to Pray,
(Signed) Timothy Skinner.

We the undernamed subscribers living in the Neighbourhood about Point Ebino humbly pray that this Petition may meet with your Excellency's apporbation as we are in great want of a Grist Mill in this part of the Settlement.

Stopel RICHARDS          Frederick WILLIAM
Geghida SCRILA            Philip BUCK (b.1742)
Mical BUCK ((b. 1774 Second s/o Philip Buck )
Daniel McQUEEN
John BANTAN                 Alexander McQUEEN Jr.
John WILLSON               John CUTLER
Joseph HAVENS              Edward (Blotted)
Nathan HAVENS             Daniel ALWARD
Fredrick ANGER            Henery ALWARD
Jacob HUFMAN              Nathaneil DENNIS
Niclous HUFMAN           Ezchiel DENNIS
Charls ANKER                James EDSALL
Frederick BUCK (b. 1772, s/o Philip Buck) 
Fred'k ROWE
William TESHA               Mathias HAUN
John LYON                      Wiliam HAUN
Azaliah SCHOOLEY      Daniel FORSYTH
Jesse SKINNNER            Henry SKINNER
Peter SCRAM                  David TUTTLE
Thos KINNEY                  Christol TRYER (his X)
Thos DOAN                      Daviel ALWARD
Crowell WILLSON          Petre FEERE

Ridgway was the area Philip was granted his land as a UEL by King George III of England.
Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s Name: Philip Buck, Event: Living, Province: Ontario 
Comments: United Empire Loyalist. 
Source: The Centennial of the Settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalists 1784-1884. (The Celebrations at Adolphustown, Toronto and Niagara, with an Appendix containing a copy of the United Empire List, preserved in the Crown Lands Department at Toronto.  Volume_Page: 145
Name: Phillip Buck
Event: Living 
Province: Ontario 
County: Lincoln 
Place: Niagara 
Note: The province and county are associated with the location of the record source and in some cases may not be the same as the place where the event occurred. 
Source: Norman K. Crowder, Early Ontario Settlers, A Source Book, Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., Baltimore, Maryland, 1993.  Vol_Page: 134.
Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s
"Those Loyalists who have adhered to the Unity of the Empire, and joined the Royal Standard before the Treaty of Separation in the year 1783, and all their children and their descendants by either sex, are to be distinguished by the following Capitals, affixed to their names: U.E. alluding to their great principle The Unity of the Empire. "
-- Lord Dorchester's Proclamation, 9 November 1789.
From Mitchell & Co.'s General Directory for the Town of St. Catharines, and Gazetteer of the Counties of Lincoln and Welland for the year 1865.  Point Abino--A small post village, (also known as Ridgway,) situated in the township of Bertie, County of Welland, and a station on the Buffalo and Goderich division of the Grand Trunk Railway. Distant from Welland, the county town, 16 miles; Fort Erie, 7 miles; and from Port Colborne, 10 miles.
Daily mail. Population about 200.
Rec'd from Major Littlehals 2nd July 1793. ??  Read in Council July 10    Submitted by Sylvia Bagley # L 14
Claimant  #832 of Philip Buck, late of Susquehanna
He was in Niagara in 1783.  Is native of Germany. Parents brought him while an infant.  Lived on Susquehanna, joined in 1777 at Fort Stanwix, continued in Butler's Rangers till he was taken prisoner.  He was exchanged to NY in 1778, came from thence to Niagara joined the Rangers again.  Continued to serve all the War.  He had proprietors Right on Susquehanna, settled in 1771, paid ten Dollars. 15 acres clear built a house, barn, & barrick.   Lost 2 cows, 2 young creatures, 4 sheep, 20 hogs furniture, utensils, grain, 100 bushels.  Lost grain, 20 hogs by Rebels when he went away in 1777.  The Indians had his other cattle in 1778.  His furniture & utensils were left behind.
Witnesses:  Michael Showers....Knew Claimt. He had settled on the Susquehanna. He lost a horse  & a colt & some grain.  Witness remembers that he had the horse, colt & cow & thinks that he lost them by being driven away from his home. He came into Canada helpless and stript (sic) of all his property.

Philip & Margaret Buck had 13 children, raised 12 to adulthood.
Mary BUCK was born 11 Mar 1768
Roser (Rosannah) Her birth date is between Mar 13 and Sept 25...1769
Frederick BUCK was born in 1772
Michel BUCK was born 17 Aug 1774
William Buck (1) 23 Feb 1776- d. during trek to Ontario.
Elisebeth BUCK was born 1 May 1777
(2 boys and 3 girls, all the above children was born in Pennsylvania)
Phillip BUCK Jr. was born 6 Oct 1781 (1st child b.Canada)
George BUCK  was born in 1784  Niagara, Ontario (1st child born on Philip's crown land.)
5 more children was born after they settled on their land in Niagara, Welland Co., Ontario,
William BUCK (2) was born in 1788
Abraham BUCK was born in 1791
Peter BUCK was born 2 Oct 1793
Margaret BUCK was born in 1796
Catherine BUCK was born in 1802
“Captain Enys of the 29th Regiment who visited the Falls on July 18, has given us a glimpse of the settlements in the vicinity.”
       “During the summer, the Commissioners of Claims, Colonel Thomas Dundas and Jeremy Pemberton arrived in the Province to take evidence, and in August a considerable number of Loyalists residing near Niagara, went to Montreal to appear before them.  Among these claimants were Frederick Anger, Jacob Ball, Philip Bender, Philip Buck, John Chisholm, John Claus, James Clendenning, John Coon, Joseph Clement, Adam Crysler, John Depue, Isaac Dolson, Benjamin Frelick, Rebecca Fields, Margaret Hare, Henry Hainer, James Heaslip, George House, James Jones, Randall Macdonnell, Lewis Mabee, Thomas Millard, Mrs. Overholt, Hanjost Petrie,  Wm. Pickard, Donald Rose, Solomon Secord, Daniel Servos, Timothy Skinner, Frederick Smith and Christian Warner.  The evidence given by them respecting their losses and sufferings is extremely interesting and has been recently printed by the Provincial Archivist.  In many instances, their place of residence is stated, indicating that the settlement already extended from the Ten Mile Creek to Fort Erie.”
       “A list of the Persons who have Subscribed their Names in order to Settle and Cultivate the Crown Land opposite to Niagara, July 20, 1784.” Above names in 1780, same as 1784.
Source: Niagara Historical Society #17  "DUCIT AMOR PATRIAE.'' 
Ten Years of the Colony of Niagara 1780 to 1790  By Lieut.-Colonel E. Cruikshank  Published 1908 Tribune Print, Welland.
History of the Times
Page 2
...6 Oct Philip Buck Jr. was the first born to Philip and Margaret Buck while in Sorel, Quebec. In French the Mother's name is shown as Anne Marguerite  Saultman on this certificate.   Baptism of Philip Buck Jr. Third line from bottom -------->
A general census of the Loyalists residing at Fort Niagara and the farmers already settled; the officers and men of Butler's Rangers, with their families & dependents was taken in the Fall of 1783. Return of Persons under the Description of Loyalists in Capt. Peter TenBroeck's Company of the Corps of Rangers, Niagara, 30 Nov. 1783.  Phillip Buck, age 41  - Mrs. Buck, age 32 - Frederick Buck, age 11 - Michael Buck, age 9 - Phillip Buck Jr. age 2 - Mary Buck, age 15  (b. 1768) - Roser Buck, (Female) age 13, - Elizabeth Buck, age 6.
Haldimand Papers B 105 pp 353-380.   Pg. 367

1783 November 25, British evacuate New York City .
Philip's claim for losses:
"Lost grain, 20 hogs by Rebels when he went away in 1777.  The Indians had his other cattle in 1778.  His furniture & utensils were left behind."    Meaning..... when Philip marched to the drums of the British in the Revolutionary War.  The lose of these items were to be financially replaced by King George III for his services during the American Revolutionary War."
"Witnesses (Michael Showers):  "Knew Claimt. He had settled on the Susquehanna, NY. He lost a horse & a colt & some grain.  Witness remembers that he had the horse, colt & cow & thinks that he lost them by being driven from his home place.  He came into Canada helpless and stript (sic) of all his property."
U.E.L. List for Perkins Bull History.                
Loyalist in Ontario, Sons & Daughters of American Loyalist (First section) 
Name: Philip Buck -Event: Living  -Province: Ontario  -County: Welland  -Place: Fort Erie 
Note: The province and county are associated with the location of the record source
Norman K. Crowder, Early Ontario Settlers, A Source Book, Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., Baltimore, Maryland, 1993.  Volume _  Page: 117 
Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s CD
1785 ***
"Buck Phil.  Loyalist Victualling List at Fort Erie from 25th July to 24th September 1785.   1woman, 4 male children over 10, 3 female children under 10."
(This report is questioning.  The children do not match the children of Philip & Margaret Buck.)
Transcribed from original documents held at the National Archives of Canada [Ottawa]: RG 19, volume 4447, file 23,
"BUCK, Philip, 1796 - Presented claim to Commissioner Pemberton at Montreal.  Granted 400 acres more in 1797. Came as infant with Parents to America from Germany.  Lived on the Susquehanna River, joined Col. Butler at Fort Stanwix, 1777.  Was taken prisoner but exchanged 1778 and rejoined the Rangers at Niagara and served the rest of the War.  Brought wife and 7 children into the Province 1779 and since has 4 more children born. Came as infant with parents to America from Germany.  Lived on the Susquehanna River, joined Col. Butler at Fort Stanwix 1777.  Was taken prisoner but exchanged 1778 and rejoined the Rangers at Niagara and served the rest of the War.  Brought wife and 7 children into Province 1779. and since has four more children born.
BUCK, Philip of Butler's Rangers, Twp. of Settlement - Trafalgar"
Children who received grants in Peel County - George s/o Philip Buck UE- Toronto.
U.E.L. List for Perkins Bull History.
Loyalist in Ontario, Sons & Daughters of American Loyalist (First section)
Genealogy Records: Loyalists in the American Revolution  FTM CD#144
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Philip Buck is listed as a member of Lt. Col. Butler's Company of the Corps of Rangers, Niagara 30 Nov 1783 in Ontario Register Census of Niagara 1783.
The ‘free land’ had ‘strings’ attached.  The Loyalists had to pay for the land after 10 years.

                                DATED "NIAGARA, 12TH JUNE 1783''
“ Meanwhile the situation of the Loyalists had been considered by the British ministers and aroyal instruction was prepared directing the governor of the province of Quebec to offer them grants of land on a certain moderate scale, to be held as tenants of the King as their feudal seigneur in accordance with the customary tenure of lands in that Province, free of rent for the first ten years and afterwards at an annual quit rent of a half penny per acre.  Besides the usual oaths of allegiance, the new settlers were to be required to make and subscribe a declaration that they would maintain and defend the authority of the King in His Parliament as the supreme legislature of the Province.”

“………and you shall allot such parts of the same as shall allot such parts of the same as shall be applied for by any of our said Loyal Subjects Non-Commissioned Officers & Private Men of our Forces reduced as afore said, in the following proportions; that is to say
       To every Master of a Family One Hundred Acres, and Fifty Acres to each person,
   of which his Family shall consist.
       To every single Man Fifty Acres.
       To every Non-Commissioned Officer of our Forces reduced in Quebec Two Hundred Acres.
       To every Private Man reduced as aforesaid One Hundred Acres.
       And for every Person in their Family Fifty Acres.”
The said Lands to be held under Us Our Heirs & Successors, Seigneurs of the Seigneurie or Fief in which the same shall be situated, upon the same terms, acknowledgements and services, as Lands are held in our said Province under the respective Seigneurs holding and possessing Seigneuries, or Fiefs therein; and reserving to Us our Heris and Successors, from and after the expiration of  Ten Years from the Admission of the Respective Tenants, a Quit Rent of one half penny P Acre.”
“It is our further Will and  Pleasure, that every person within the meaning of this
   Our Instruction, upon their making application for Land, shall take the Oaths directed by Law, before you or our Commander in Chief for the time being, or some Person by you or him authorized for that purpose, and shall also at the same time make and subscribe the following declaration, Vizt.  "I  A.B. do promise and declare that I will maintain and defend to the utmost of my Power of Authority of the King in his Parliament as the Supreme Legislature of this Province,"  which Oaths and declaration shall also be taken made and subscribed by every future Tenant before his, her, or their Admission, upon Alienation, descent, Marriage, or any other wise howsoever, and upon refusal, the Lands to become revested in Us our Heirs and Successors. And it is our further Will and Pleasure, that the expence of laying out and surveying as well the Seigneuries or Fiefs aforesaid as the several Allotments within the same, and of the Deed of Admission shall be paid by the Receiver General of Our Revenue in the said Province of Quebec out of such Monies as shall be in hishands, upon a Certificate from you or Our Commander in Chief for the time being in Council, Oath being made by our Surveyor General to the Account of such Expence; Provided  however that only one half the Usual and accustomed Fees of Office shall be allowed to our Surveyor General or any other of Our Officers in the said Province entitled thereunto upon any Survey or Allotment made, or upon Admission into any Lands by virtue of this our Instruction.”

                    HALDIMAND, DATED NIAGARA, 8TH AUGUST, 1783.

       "In spite of all my Efforts, I am sorry to inform Your Excellency that there has been a much larger quantity of Rum Expended than I could wish, in about Sixteen days, not less than 422 Gallons, sixty Gallons of that quantity, Colonel Butler carried with him to the Missisaga Country, where he is gone with presents for 500 Missisaga Indians. I was Very Glad that Colone Buttler made this Proposal as it will prevent their Coming here, and save a quantity of Provisions:  Colonel Buttler Carried two of his own People    Pg. 63
with him that he can depend upon, to leave in that Country, to this Proposal I Consented only Untill your Excellency's further Pleasure Should be known, which I request that I may have Soon, I also Request that you may be pleased to Signify to me for my Guidance, what may be thought a reasonable quantity of Rum Monthly for the Six Nations for it appears to me that the People at the head of Indian Department Seem to vie with each other who Shall Expend most Rum, and the Great Chiefs are Striving who shall drink most Rum."   (B. 103, pp. 319-20)
       “A general census of the Loyalists residing at Fort Niagara, of the Farmers already settled,
and of the Officers and Men of Butler's Rangers with their families and dependents was finally
completed about the beginning of December in compliance with the governor's instructions.
Source: "Ducit Amor Patriae" NIAGARA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. No. 38
RECORDS OF NIAGARA, A Collection of Documents Relating, To The First Settlement 1778 to 1783, Collected and Edited By BRIG.-GENERAL E.A. CRUICKSHANK, Published by the Niagara Historical Society  1927
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When King George heard of the surrender he wanted to keep on fighting. The Parliament, however, was not willing. The King threatened to abdicate, and even wrote a letter of abdication to Parliament, but in the end withdrew it. He never got over the loss of the colonies, but he still hoped to profit from them. In a letter written sometime in the 1790s he remarked "it is to be hoped we shall reap more advantages from their trade as friends than ever we could derive from them as Colonies."
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1784  George Buck born 1784, son of Philip and Margaret,

Buck, Philip Private First 400 acres in Bertie Township lots 6 and 7 Con. 8 and 9. Then Lots 35 in the 9th and 36 in the 10th Concessions in the Township of Beverly; Home District; Province of Upper Canada Proven UEL List
"Chronology of Cities, Towns and Township in Hamilton". Hamilton Public Library.
Plot Map labeled A2  c.1784  Shows land Crown owners at Bertie Twp, Welland, Ontario
Map of Philip Buck UE land that he willed to his sons.  Frederick's land next to Philip Sr. was his father's claim before 1784, which Frederick Buck Sr. willed to his son, Philip Buck  Sr. UE. 
Do you know any of these Bucks gathered at the Assembly House  Ft. Erie 1901.   It appears that the 3 people in front were added to his photo at a later in time.-------->
Philip Buck overlay map today of his crown land
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