Photos and Heirlooms Found
Found in Olympia, Washington. Back: "Hilton Studio  607 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey - Opp(?) Trinity Church   Stamped  #2326"   Found between pages in an old western history book bought at an second hand store.  No name.
("Mavion or Marion) Marshall age 16 mo"  Found in Seattle, Wash at antique shop.
Studio:"J. Beranger St. Lo: 3 Rue du Neufbourg and Place du Champ de Mars. Founded in 1872"
All written in French. 
Photo #1
" Mrs. (Schwartz) Emkei? Aunt of R.S.S. Germany, 80 years old at this taking" Found in Olympia, Wash antique shop.
Photo #2
Photo #5
Photo #3
Photo #4
"Tilda Swanson Rosewall, Bee Hive Photograph Studio, 213 N.  16th St.,  Omaha, Neb."
"Richard Loring Hiatt,
age one year."
Photo #6
On back is "Alicia Foote (or Foots) daughter of Sidney Foote and Rose Foote." Photo Card.
"Kenneth Gordon Rowley, age 4 mo. weight 19lbs." signed "Martha"
Post Card Photo
Photo #7
"Louis Recker, Aunt Lucy's old suitor, was engaged to him."  Photographer: "Hoge, Alton, ILL."  Post Card Photo
"Great Grandma Freark" Photographer "G. W. Jarns, Springfield, ILL.".Post card
"Mignan Keely" No other marks.
Photo #8
Photo #9
Photo #10
Photo #11
Photo #12
Photo # 14 & 15
"Evelyn Kingman"  She is on vacation 1928 in Lake Arrowhead, (east of Los Angles, CA).  This little diary, 2 1/2" X 4 3/4", was found in Olympia, Wash at an antique shop.  Evelyn mentions Cecile and Clare, which appears to be her sisters. Kenny and Connie are friends. May have lived around Los Angels, CA   She speaks of her boyfriend, Don also.
"Bertha Schwartz" Photographer: "Harry Isay's Newark, NJ"  "Minnettes, 55 cts.per doz. Fine Imperial Photo's $2 per doz"
Photo #13
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" " Quotes are what is written on item. 
Glad to send these to descendants showing relationship. 
The name will be listed if there is one on the photo.
I have searched for their families, hoping to find them a lovely home.
I am not related to any of these names, except my Aunt Velma (below left)
"Catherine Ruckel wife of Christopher Ruckel, Ireland to United States"  Photographer "Beck or Reck & Fields"
Photo #13
The 3 above photos are of the same era, photographer and the writting on the back is the same.  Handwriting is difficult to read.  "I or J. R. M C"  "I or J. R. McCammish" ? "I. R. M. or  J. R. M."  Photographer: "The Old Reliable, Dean's Gallery, Winchester, Ind."  They may had a son Carl who was born probably 1887 or 1888.
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Alicia C. Foote, b Princeton MN 20 Jul 1917, #6911 in Foote History &
Genealogy, dau of Sidney Schoville Foote & Rose E. Minka, gdau of
Sidney Butler Foote #3253; one of the Branford, CT, Footes.
FOUND...Catherines new home is in Clarksville, Arkansas with family.  8-06- Her surname was Everts and she was born in January 1832 and died February 22 1915. She had 5 children, 2 living in 1900.
Daughter of George & Cecile (Case) Kingman. Evelyn b. 1915 m. Edward LOVE in 1938 and had 3 children: Ronald, Luned, and Stephanie LOVE. Evelyn was 13 & 14 when she wrote her diary.  Believe this is when she went to Camp Fire Girls camp out at Lake Arrowhead, CA.
James McCammish/McCamish had 4 brothers and sisters.  One sister, Sarah Elizabeth, married my husband’s great-grandfather, Lorenzo Gantz, in March 1865.  Also, Sarah’s brother, John McCamish, married Lorenzo’s sister, Hannah Gantz, in 1858.  The parents of James, John, and Sarah McCamish, were William McCamish and Margaret Elizabeth Gray.  The other children in the family of James, John, and Sarah, were Edward (married Sarah Elizabeth Hutchinson) and Louisa, about whom I have no further information.  These families all lived in Randolph County, IN.
FOUND... 8-06 New home is Randolph County, Indiana.
FOUND... New home is in Gardner, KS 8-06
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James McCammish
Photo #19
Mary Leiter, Chicago, wheat heiress, m. Lord George Nathaniel Curzon in 1895. Lived in India. Newspaper article found in the pages of book that has no references to Mary or George. 8-06
Velma Lee DRYER b. 1905 MO.  In the
1930 Census in Blue, Jackson Co., MO. Married Paul THOMAS  in MO.  They had a son: Jimmie B.   b. 1928
Looking for my Aunt.
I think that my dad must have been a very happy baby, because as an adult, he was a very happy person. His mother was a very gentle person, and he was the first born, so I am sure he was doted on as a child. He had two brothers, and all of them were two years apart. They were all very kind people.    My Dad's father, Roy Mills Hiatt, was the oldest of four boys.

There is a great book available on the Hiatt family by William Perry Johnson. It is currently published by the Higginson Book Company, although the original printing was by the Jesse Hiatt foundation in the 1950's. You have to special order it if you want a copy; this is what I did, and it is a wonderful source of information on this family in America, and even some information about the family in England. It contains over 600 pages of historical and genealogical information.
Photo #20
"Cy Grable or Lrable" To Blanche & Frank" date? "?/00" Photographer "Bushwell, SF?  8"X10"
My Dad's grandmother, Alice Mills, may have lived in Washington for a time. She was a school teacher. The interesting thing, is that my Dad's grandmother and grandfather on his father's side and their whole families, were from Randolph County, Indiana. They had lived there for at least a couple of generations.  I'm not really sure though, because Alice Mills passed away in Tulare, California in 1941.

Anyway, I also wanted to thank you again for posting the photo, becuase it really has been fun finding it and corresponding with you, and to let you know that I did get it OK. I am going to send it to my sister for Valentine's Day as a surprise. I think she will really enjoy it. I will get this information on my Dad in the mail to you too.     Stefani         2006
Tilda's new home is in Central City, PA at the home of
[email protected]  Beverly would be glad to hear from anyone related to her Great Aunt Tilda.
Recently I came across a black pocket Bible with the following names written in it.

Eugene Lewis Byington  b.    Downieville 8/13/1880-1/23/1939 SF

Florence Lilly Byington    Born                  12/17/1882-11/9/1930 SF

Dorothy Helen Byington (?Buergalespie?) Born SF   4/12/1905-

James Eugene (?Buergalespie?) Born SF 6/20/1934

James Nathan (?Bacergelesie?) Born SF 6/21/1897
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