Scott Family Genealogy & History
Our Thomas Jefferson Scott was thought to be, for sometime, the youngest of 15 children by the same mother and father, in Lauderdale County, Alabama. The census records showed the large family as being in two separate homes, father John Scott, as head of household and Harriet, mother, head of household in a second house.  After years of searching, and several tries at advertising in Genealogical Magazines, my ad was finally answered by Jan Gerow of Florida.  Thanks to Jan this confused family was cleared up, or at least most have been cleared.  And Thanks to Jan, again, for the Church Photo above.

It seems John Scott married first and had 11 children; married second and had four more children, the last being our Thomas Jefferson Scott.  But there were more children in the family, the second wife, Harriet, also brought children into the household from her first marriage.  Sorting them out was not easy, because the census taker wrote them all as Scott children, even the Thompson children of Harriet's first marriage.
Although John Scott's parents have not been located they are indicated on the census records as being born in North Carolina where John was born.


John Scott, born 1800 in North Carolina; died after 1880 in Waterloo, Lauderdale County, Alabama. He married 1/ about 1823, but place unknown, to Mary Elizabeth Carson; married 2/ about 1843, in Waterloo, Alabama, to Harriet Frances (Ferrell) Thompson.  Harriet was born 4 Nov 1810 in Lawrence Co., Ala.; died after 1880 census of Ala. It is said that John's will is recorded at the Lauderdale County Court House and was seen by a descendant while researching the Scott line.  But when it was requested by mail the will was not in the index, and therefore is not recorded. (1990)

   From OUR THOMPSON LINE by Earline Thompson Lancaster: After Harriet's first husband died, and she had married John Scott. "John Petitioned to settle the Estate of Samuel Thompson.  This was submitted Nov 12, 1869.  He listed William, John, Sara, and Margaret (Thompson), as being dead with Minor heirs being in Ark., and Giles County, Tenn.  He knew no names or ages of the heirs.

The farm was sold Aug 19, 1871.  It probably took
this long to locate the heirs.  Rufus Scott (son of John
Scott) bought the farm for $603.55, after taxes, court
costs, administration fees, etc., there was left $540.45,
which was divided among the heirs.  Harriet's share
was $86.26.

As I understand it the land is still in the Scott family,
the house of course is gone but the house of John Scott
built from huge poplar logs near Waterloo, Ala., where
Harriet spent her last years, still stands. (1985)  The logs
were hand hewn, notched together at the ends with plaster
between them.

John is probably buried in the graveyard above the
old home (a great granddaughter told me there were three
graves there.) These are most likely, John Scott, his first
wife Mary Elizabeth Carson and baby girl, who died at
age 5.

No information on burial place for Harriet, "family
record" states she died Dec 5, 1880. She was not mentioned
in John Scott's will which was written Dec 16, 1880.  He
only named children - James, Tennessee Haney, Malinda
Adams, Franklin Scott, Poindexter Scott, Thomas Scott,
Camily Robertson, Robert Scott; sons John Scott, Jr.,
and R. C. Scott as executors.

The heading of the marriage license in OUR THOMPSON
LINE book has the spelling of "Schoot", which may be a
typing error or the registrar spelled Scott with the "h."
Marriage Records, Vol. 5, p. 136 Lauderdale County, Alabama.


"The state of Alabama Lauderdale County to a Minister of the gospel or justice of the Peace legally Authorized you are hereby authorized and required to solemnize the Rites of Matrimony between John Scott and Harriett Thompson (CLICK for children that Harriett brought to this mariage.) agreeable to the statute in such case made and provided and a due return make to the Clerks office for the county aforesaid Given under my hand this first day of June in the year of our Lord 1844 - W. T. Hawkins C.C.C. by E. G. Chandler J.P.D. I do hereby certify that I solemnized the rites of matrimony between John Scott and Harriet Thompson this the 9th day of June 1844. Jas. M. Creel JP -" John Scott had 15 children by two wives.

Children of John and Mary Elizabeth (Carson) Scott, they had:
2130. William Moore Scott, born 24 Feb 1825 in Lauderdale County, Alabama; died 24 Mar 1886.
2131. James Monroe Scott, born 22 Apr 1826. (Large extended family, refer to chapter 51.)
2132. Charlotte Matilda Scott, born 12 Jul 1827, Alabama; died 20 Feb 1830.
2133. Catherine Tennessee Scott, born 22 Oct 1828 in Waterloo, Alabama; died 16 Feb 1902, Ala.
She married 27 Feb 1859 to John W. Haynes. He was born 18 May 1834, Waterloo;
died 17 Dec 1897 in Alabama.
2134. Caroline Malinda Scott, born 22 Oct 1830; d. 5 Sep 1863.
2135. Saleta Jane Scott, born 8 Oct 1831; died 26 Mar 1847.
2136. John Madison Scott, born 28 Apr 1833 in Waterloo,  Alabama;
died 18 Mar 1911 in Lauderdale Co., Ala. 
Some say the records states his middle name is Webb.  He married 1/ about 1858 to Eliza
Ann Steely, she was born in Kentucky in 1836.  Probably died before 1880, because she is
     not listed in the 1880 census; and  married 2/ 18 Dec 1883, in Waterloo. Scott researcher
writes: "There are 4 more children to his family, Porter, Millard, Bartlie, Rosie.
In looking at the family group sheets and the marriages and census, I don't think
John Madison Scott married Ella Lawler. I don't think he really had a second wife. 
There is a  marriage record for `a' John Scott to Ella Mae Lawler, and on the 1900
census a John T. Scott was married to  Ella M.  He was born in 1859. I think the FGS
is wrong."  If anyone can clarify this, please let us know.

Children of John and Eliza Ann (Steely) Scott:
2145. Elizabeth (Jennie) Scott, born 1859 in Ala.;
died or married before 1880, location unknown.
2146. John Calvin Scott, born Apr 1860, he is recorded as just Calvin Scott.
2146a. Clifford Scott (born about 1900)(born 1900 and
R.C., Jessie, & Bobby.  All of Waterloo, AL.
2147. William Scott, born 1863 in Ala.
2148. James Asberry Scott, born 1865 in Ala. Is said that James had at least two sons.
2149. Thomas Scott, b. 1866 in Ala. Married Dona Austin.
2150. Josiah Scott, born 1868 in Ala.
2137. Jeremiah Franklin Scott, born 5 Sep 1834; died 11 Nov 1884.  He married about 1860,
in Waterloo, to Mary Harriett (Serelda) Steely. They had 15 children:
2151. Wesly Dell Scott, married Effie Austin.
2152. Levi Scott.
2153. Bartley Scott.
2154. Thomas Scott., born 1859 in Ala.
2155. William Charles Scott, born 25 Aug 1860; died 20  Apr 1933 in Wynnewood,
Garvin County, Oklahoma.  He married 1/ Nancy Ann Qualls, born 4 Jun 1882;
and married 2/ in Waterloo, Ala., 29 Jul 1885 to Judy Isabell Lard. Judy was
born 5 Oct 1867; died 15 Mar 1947, Ok. (Changed to Laird in early 1900)

  Children of William and Judy Scott:
  2210. Jessie Andrew Scott, born 12 Jun 1886; married Johnnie Adela Doshier.
  2211. Avery Albert Scott, born 16 Dec 1887; married Caldonia Della Crouch.
  2212. Stanley Luther Scott, born 26 Aug 1891; married Miss Etta in Wynnewood, Oka.
  2213. Colbert Scott, born 9 Oct 1894, Oka.
  2214. Eldry Scott, b.30 Jun 1897;m. Jessie Warren.
  2215. Ernal Manser Scott, born 14 Jul 1898.
  2216. Raford Charlie Scott, born 18 Sep 1900; married 7 Nov 1919, in Cleveland,
Oklahoma to Mattie Emma Mc Quilliams.
  2217. Marshall Scott, born 17 Dec 1902 in Wanette, Pohawatomie County, Oka.;
  married 23 Oct 1927, to Minerva Mc Queen.
  2218. Mamie Shireldia Scott, born 5 Jul 1904 in Oka.; married 24 Jan 1920, to
George Chandler. In 1990, Mamie was alive & 86.
  2219. Virgil Roosevelt Scott, born 3 Feb 1906/7; married 1/ Margie Greer;
md 2/ Mildred Ward.
2156. Jerry Frank Scott, born 26 Jun 1862; died 7 Aug 1898; married Etta Mc Neely.
2157. Harriet Elizabeth Scott, born 14 Nov 1864 in Ala.; died 8 Jun 1921 in Lauderdale
Co., Ala.; married William Melton White, who was b. 11 Sep 1866.
2158. James Scott, born 1866 in Ala.
2159. Mary Anna Scott, born 22 Dec 1869 in Ala.; died 4 Dec 1933 in El Reno, Canadian
Co., Ok.; married 10 Oct 1898 to Oliver Lee Bass, he was born 22 Jun 1876
in Hattiesburg, Lamar County, Miss.; died 9 Apr 1943 in El Reno. Children were:
2220. Lula Mae Bass, born 9 Oct 1899 in Waterloo,; married Lee Wesley Anderson.
2221. Myrtle Lee Bass, born 27 Apr 1909 in Ala.
2160. Nancy Scott, born 1871 in Ala. Contact Sandie at [email protected] -Picture ==>
           2161. Andrew Scott, born 1873 Ala.
2162. Marshall Scott, born 1875 in Lauderdale Co. Ala.
     2163. Jesse C. Scott, born 21 Sep 1877; died 14 Aug 1948; married in 1906 to Zelma Borden.
2164. Robert Scott, born Oct 1879 in Ala.
2165. Calvin Scott, born 24 Nov 1880; died 8 Mar 1915; married Ola
Webb, who was born 12 Feb 1884; died 14 Apr 192-, Scott Cemetery, Waterloo, Ala.
2165b. Beatrice Scott d. 1908 Beatrice married John R Richardson b. 6/11/02 - d. 1993
The had one child, Johnny B Richardson, b. 1/31/31- d. 4-23-94
Johnny married Norma Dean Spurlock.  They had 4 children.
Please contact Marcia for more information on this family.
[email protected]
2138. Poindexter D. Scott, born 2 Sep 1836; died 3 May 1911 in Waterloo,
Ala. He married 1/23 Jul 1858 to Mahala Lamb, daughter of
John and Martha Lamb (both born in Tenn. See Photo of
John below); married 2/ about 1901 to Melinda Lard, who
was born 21 Nov 1864; died 9 Jan 1925. In 1870 his personal
property valued by the census taker as $800.00.

Children of Poindexter and Mahala Scott:
2166. Thomas Scott, born 15 Oct 1859.  Married Ella Crider, b. 12 Feb
1872; d.8 Feb 1967.
2167. John Scott, born Dec 1859 in Ala. 1860 census.
2168. Caroline Scott, born 3 Dec 1861; died 29 Apr 1902;  married
Sam Scott, who was born 20 Feb 1860; died 12 Mar 1898, Scott
Cemetery, Waterloo, Ala.
2169. Sarah Scott, born 1862 in Ala.
2170. William Scott, born 1864 in Lauderdale Co., Ala.
2171. Henry Scott, born 1868 (twin); died 29 Dec 1953;
he married Estelle Haynes.
2172. Martha Scott, born 1868 (twin); md John White.
2173. Polly Ann Scott, born 17 Nov 1870; died 3 Jul 1945;
married John Tune, born 22 Aug 1847; died 3 Jan 1920,
buried Scott Cemetery, Waterloo, Ala.
  2222. Girty Ann Tune, born 27 Oct 1901.
2174. James M. Scott, born 1874; died 1919 in Lauderdale County,
Ala.; married Fannie J. Crider, b. 1898.
2175. Catherine Tennessee Scott, born 12 Dec 1876;
died 3 Oct 1944 in Ala.
Her tombstone reads Tennessee Mansel. Married Walter
Mansel, born 18 Feb 1839 in Allen Co., Ok.;
died 28 Sep 1871 in Bluejacket,Ok.
  2223. Russel G. Mansel, b. 16 Nov 1908; d. 25 Sep 1918;
md Birdie Mae; born 26 Mar 19??; died 29 Mar 1941. Ch.:
  2244. Hazel B. Mansel, born 18 May 1912.
2176. George Washington Scott, born 6 Feb 1880; died 15 Oct 1952;
married Jessie Webb in Waterloo, Ala.

Poindexter and second wife, Melinda Scott had one son:
2177. Lee Scott, born 17 Nov 1902; died 2 Dec 1902.
2139. Rufus Carmack Scott, born 27 Nov 1837; died 4 Aug 1907 in
Lauderdale Co., Ala.; married 1/ 1869 to Miss Elizabeth;
married 2/ 28 Nov 1878 to Martha (Mattie) Ann Haynes,
daughter of James and Nancy Haynes (Hanes). Martha was
born 12 Feb 1859; died 23 Oct 1922, Ala.
2178. Oliver D. Scott, born 24 Sep 1880 in Ala.
2179. Walter Scott, born 14 Oct 1881; died in Marlow Stephens
County, Oka.; married Goldie Dowdy.
2140. Elizabeth W. Scott, born 9 Sep 1841; died 2 Aug 1872;
married 28 Feb 1876 Thomas Cassey.

Children of John and his second wife, Hariett F. (Ferrell) (Thompson) Scott
2141. Mary Ann Scott, born 3 Mar 1845 in Waterloo, Lauderdale Co., Ala.;
died about 8 years old.  She was healthy and playing on the porch
one day, when she suddenly dropped dead!.  Or at least that's the
way the story is told.
2142. Thomas Jefferson Scott, born 30 Apr 1848; married Mary Ann John
(Refer to Chapter 49, for a complete family of  Thomas J. Scott's family.)
2143. Camilla Alabama Scott, born 26 Jun 1850 in Waterloo, Lauderdale County, Alabama;
died 20 May 1932 in Savannah, Tennessee; married 30 Jul 1874 in Lauderdale Co., Ala.,
George Washington Robertson; born 27 Jun 1853, Waterloo; died 30 May 1932,
also have another death date of 12 Jan 1937. George was a minister.

Camilla and George Robertson children were:
2186. John Edward Robertson, born 30 Sep 1875; died 22 Dec 1919 in Oklahoma City, Oka.
2187. William Asbury Robertson, born 15 Aug 1877 in Tenn.; died 2 Jan 1928
in Caruthersville, Mo.
2188. Minnie Edith Robertson, born 10 Mar 1879 in Ala.; died 1939.
2189. Otis Oliver Robertson, born 27 Nov 1880 Ala.; died 23 Feb 1942.
2190. Roxie Alice Robertson, born 23 Nov 1882 in Tenn.; died Oct 1956.
2191. Mary Ann Robertson, born 15 Apr 1884 in Tenn.; died 1975. Married Mr. Moorman.
2192. Oscar Newton Thomas Robertson, born 7 Dec 1885 in Tenn.; died 1967.
2193. George Walter Robertson, born 4 Dec 1889 in Tenn.; died Apr 1951.
2194. Charlie Albert Robertson, born 28 Oct 1891 in Tenn.; died Feb 1978.
2195. Carlos Leonard Robertson, born 2 Aug 1894 in Tenn.; died 8 Nov 1943.
2144. Robert M. Scott, born 4 Oct 1854; died 17 Jan 1909; married Mary E. Carson on
28 Dec 1873 in Waterloo, Ala. Mary was born 29 Oct 1856, Tenn.; died 25 Dec 1907,
buried Carson Cemetery, Lauderdale Co., Ala.  In the 1900 census they were in
Hardin Co. Tenn. Children:
2196. Thomas J. Scott, born in 1875.
2197. Harriet A. Scott, born Nov 1876 in Ala.
2198. Annie Scott, born 1877.
2199. Wesly Scott, born Mar 1878.
2200. John Scott, born 1879.
2201. Camby Scott, born Sep 1881 in Ala.
2202. Ida Scott, born 1883 in Ala.
2203. Atlas Scott, born Oct 1885.
2204. Savannah Scott, born Oct 1887 in Ala.
2205. Tishie Scott, born Mar 1890 in Tennessee.
2206. Mammie Scott, born Dc 1892 in Tennessee.
2207. Ethel Scott, born Feb 1894 in Tennessee.
John Scott
Source: Scott genealogy is from my book starting with Chapter Forty-Three.
DRYER-LAUCK-PAYNE-SCOTT, GOING HOME by Elizabeth Dryer Humphrey\
Pub. 1991,  Hardcover - 400 pages - 183 photos
If interestered I still have a few copies left, email:  [email protected]
Home of John Scott in Bumpass Creek just north of Waterloo, Lauderdale Co., Alabama.  Log home was covered with siding.  Bertha Michael in yellow and Mary Elizabeth Hitchcock on right. Bertha took us to the place in the winter and we had to take our shoes off and wade the creek.
This house is where Thomas Jefferson, Robert, Camille, and Mary Ann Scott were born as far as I know, and probably where the children of John and Mary E Carson were born also.  Source: Bill Scott
WILLIAM THOMAS SCOTT  Brother to John SCOTT b. 1800 NC

William Thomas Scott was brother to John Scott (1800-1880), William is being added here to help sort out more of the many Scott names.  He was born 1804/5 in North Carolina, but was in the 1850 thru the 1880 census of Lauderdale County, Alabama.

William may have been married three times.  He is in the 1850 Lauderdale County, Alabama, census as married with wife Louisa and seven children.  The marriage date for William Scott and Louisa Higgins is 8 May 1847 in Lauderdale County.  Louisa was born in 1824 and would make her to young to have the first child, James born 1831.  The first five children are probably by William's first wife.  All the other children by Louisa.  In the 1880 census, William's wife is Lauria, born 1815, Ala.  These children will not be numbered as the other families.  This is for research information if someone would like to continue this Scott family.

All the children were born in Lauderdale County, Alabama, 1880 Census
i. James Scott, born 1831. 1850 census, age 19, asst. farmer.
ii. Miles Scott, born 1837. 1850 census, age 13.
iii. Susanna Scott, born 1838/9. 1850 census, age 12.
iv. William Scott, born 1841/2. 1850 census, age 9.
v. Jane Scott, born 1847/8. 1850 census, age 3.
vi. Allen Scott, born 1848. 1850 census, age 2.
vii. Thomas Scott, born 1852/3. 1860 census age 7.  He married Norah Dowdy.
viii. Louisa Scott, born 1856, in 1860 census only.
ix. Elijah Scott, born 1858. 1860 census, age 2.
x. Samuel Scott, born Mar 1860.
xi. Lydia Scott, born 1863.
xii. Victoria Scott, born Jul 1865. Married 9 Dec 1889 to Mr. Fieder, Lauderdale County, Alabama.
If anyone has any further information on this family, I would be glad to hear from you.


2142. Thomas Jefferson Scott, son of John and Harriet (Ferrell) Scott, was born 30 Apr 1848 in Waterloo, Lauderdale County, Alabama; he died 18 apr 1933 in Barton County, Missouri.  He married 5 Sep 1871 in Miami Township, Bates County, Missouri to Mary Ann John, daughter of Jesse and Amelia (Russel) John.  Mary Ann was born 7 Jun 1852 in Pennsylvania and died 21 Mar 1922 in Barton County, Missouri.  They are both buried in the Nashville Cemetery, near Nashville, Missouri.

Lamar Democrat Newspaper - FAMILY REUNION - The descendants of Thomas Jefferson and Mary Scott gathered at the home of Mrs. Gussie Dingman Qualls at Oronogo, on July 19th, 1964, for a reunion.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Scott came to Barton Co., Mo., in 1880 from Cherryvale, Kans.  They settled near Nashville, Mo., to live out their lives.  they had 3 sons, and 2 daughters.  Jesse, the oldest son went to South Dakota when he married, and reared a family of 9 children.  The other 4 Scott children stayed in Barton County.
The children of Jesse Scott who were here; Mrs. Mary Livingston; Mrs. Bessie Daniels; Mrs. Blanch Skidmore; Mrs. Alice Ferdig; and Mrs. Kenneth Scott.
The children of Ida Scott Dingman in attendance were: Mrs. Gussie Dingman Qualls; Mrs. Lillie Wethington; Mr. Elmer Dingman; and Mr. Arza (Jake) Dingman.
The children of W. N. Scott who were present were: Mrs. Elsie Snyder; Mrs. Lavone Dumm; Mrs. Evelyn Waterstraat; Mrs. Lena Weems; Mrs. Janie Sailor; and Mrs. Grace Howard."

In the 1870 Bates County, Missouri, census records T. J. is listed as a
laborer on a farm, but by 1871 he had married Mary Ann John and settled
in Labette County, Kansas. About 1880 when they moved to Barton County,
Missouri, which is just over the state line. They bought land and had 3 more
children, with the last not surviving.  Mary dies at the age of 69 and T. J.
married a second time to Ann Sanborn on 8 Jun 1926.  From family records
and his death certificate it shows that T. J. was in a wheelchair for several
years before he died.  The family was not to happy with this relationship of
Ann and T. J., because every few weeks T. J. would get sick and one of the
children or grandchildren would take him home and nurse him back to health. 
Ann seemed to be unable to care for him during his illnesses.  Upon T. J.'s
marvelous recovery, T. J. would go back home to his loving wife.  She would
then be so pleased to have him home, that she would cook and bake special
foods just for him.  And since she was very good at baking, T. J. ate like a
King.  But in a few weeks his legs and hands would start to swell up again
and again one of the family would take T. J. home to doctor him back to
health. During this time of T. J.'s up and down health, some of the family
started to suspect that Ann was trying to poison him for his money and to
get the farm, so she could sell it to live on while she trapped another husband. 
The whole situation became so unbearable for the great baker Ann, that she
finally "Packed her bags and moved out." One of the family stated, very
protectively, that "she left with only the clothes on her back."  The family
had saved him again from a terrible fate.

Upon examining the facts, it is somewhat obvious that T. J. had diabetes and after eating all the good sweets that Ann baked for him, caused his legs to swell, which in turn prevented him from getting around and he would be hauled off by a family member to be "healed" again.

T. J. lived to be 84 years, 11 months, and 18 days old.  Which for the time of home remedies, he lived a long, but maybe not so healthy life.  Interesting to note that on his death certificate stated that he was a widower and husband of Mary Ann Scott.  No mention was made of Anna Sanford, or a second marriage.

T. J. enjoyed putting his young granddaughter on the feet braces of his wheelchair and wheeling her all around the house. Of course everyone would scold Genieve for taking the chance of hurting Grandpa's feet, but when everyone was out of the room again, Grandpa would put Genieve back on his wheelchair and away they would wheel.

In Barton County, T. J. Scott had one of the biggest barns with a hay peek to haul hay up to the top of the barn.  In 1979 the old barn was still standing, with head high weeds surrounding it but the house and other outbuildings were gone.  In a couple years the barn was gone too.

The children of Thomas Jefferson and Mary (John) Scott were:
2180. Ida Dell Scott, born 5 Jun 1872. She married George Dingman.
2181. Jesse J. Scott, born 3 Jan 1874. (See below)
2182. William Newton Scott, born 13 Aug 1877. (See below)
2183. Camley Elizabeth Scott, born 29 Mar 1882 in Barton County,
Missouri; died 30 Jan 1953 in San Rafael, Calif. In the Scott family
bible, Camley's name is written without the "e", but all her life
she and the family used the spelling of Camley.
She married on 7 Nov 1899 to Henry Newton Lauck.  --->>>>

Children were:
(Numbers from Lauck Family History-refer to chapter 37)
1437. Ezra Thomas Lauck, b. 8 Aug 1900; d. 27 Aug 1901.
1438. Lelia Dell Lauck, born 29 Sep 1901. Married Jesse Elbert Dryer.
(Refer to Dryer Family History)
1439. Oliver Newton Lauck, born 21 Jan 1903.
1440. Lawrence Henry Lauck, born 5 Jun 1904.
1441. Opal Marie Lauck, born 11 Mar 1906.
1442. Velma Mae Lauck, born 29 Jun 1908.
1443. Vearl Lauck, born 19 Sep 1910.
2184. James Frank Scott, born 2 Aug 1888; 18 Feb 1966 in Barton Co., Mo. 
Frankie never married, but stayed at home to help take care of
his parents.
2185. Infant Scott, born and died 1891.

Photos inserted in my genealogy book:
#130. Thomas Jefferson and Mary Ann (John) Scott Picture is from an old tin-type.
     #131. Robert Scott, Camilla (Scott) Robertson, Thomas J. Scott.
#132. Thomas Jefferson and Mary Ann (John) Scott and children:
L-R, Camley, Jesse, William, Ida Dell Scott- Middle, Frankie Scott


Jesse J. Scott, born 3 Jan 1874 in Labette County, Kansas; died 8 Dec 1955 South Dakota. 
He married 25 Dec 1898 in Labette Co. Ks., to Nora Adel Bristol, daughter of Fred Bristol,
Nora was born 4 Sep 1880, Thompson, Ill.; died 17 Feb 1960. They had 11 children, all
the them were born in South Dakota.
2224. Mable Leona Scott, born 27 Jan 1900; died 17 Dec 1901.
2225. Mary Belle Scott, born 9 Mar 1902 in Elk Point, South Dakota; married 1/ Charles
Livingston Sr.; and married 2/ 23 Dec 1919 in Missouri to Phillip Burrell. There is
a picture of Mary's four sons in the US services, dated 1946, but no names.

2226. Fredish Thomas Scott, born 2 Apr 1903 in Modelia Minnesota; married Milderet Belt.                   Children were:
2245. Lowell Scott2246. Fern Scott
2247. Rose Scott2248. Paul Scott
2249. Gene Scott2250. Hershel Scott
2251. Milford Scott2252. Winifred Scott
2227. Bessie Mae Scott, born 25 May 1904 Modelia, Minn.;  md 26 Aug 1920 Mo. to Carl Daniels.
2253. Pauline Daniels2254. Betty Daniels
2255. Darlene Daniels2256. Rosella Daniels
2257. Delorea Daniels2258. Lowell Daniels
2228. Blanch Marie Scott, born 18 Apr 1906 in Modelia, Minn.; married Sid Skidmore.
Notes say that Blanch also married Frank Dunham, but no other information.
2259. Gerald Skidmore2260. Hellen Skidmore
2261. Benny Skidmore2262. Dorothy Skimore
2263. Larry Skidmore
2229. Minnie Evelyn Scott, born 27 Mar 1909 in Elk Grove, South Dakota; married Ed Johnson.
Notes say that she also married Bert Davis, but no other information.
2265. Doris Johnson  2266. Floyd Johnson
2267. Walter Johnson2268. Phyllis Johnson

2230. Daisy Isabel Scott, born 30 Jun 1911 in Elk Point, South Dakota; married Ted Livingston.
2269. Ralph Livingston    2270. Duane Livingston
2271. Charles Livingston  2272. Glen Livingston
2273. Robert Livingston   2274. James Livingston
2275. Connie Livingston 2276. Teddy Jo Livingston
2277. Ricky Livingston     2278. Nila Livingston
2231. Kenneth Jesse Scott, born 6 Mar 1913 in Elk Point, South Dakota;
married Alice Trudean and had children:
2279. Norma Scott2280. Donald Scott2281. Joann Scott
2232. Merle Byron Scott, born 11 Oct 1915; md Frances Harting.
2282. Bill Scott2283. Gene Scott
2233. Ray Lester Scott, born 29 Mar 1917; md Kathryn Phillips.
2284. Richard Scott2285. Curtis Scott
2286. Shelia Scott  2287. Gayle Scott  2288. Mary Scott
2234. Alice Grace Scott, born 7 Dec 1922; md Milton Ferdig.
2289. Rita Ferdi


William Newton Scott, born 13 Aug 1877 in Labette County, Kansas; died 13 Mar 1953; married Lillie Taylor. Newspaper announcement: "GOLDEN WEDDING - Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Scott of Minden Mines, Mo., will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at their home in Minden Mines on May 13.  They will have open house from 2 to 4 pm for any friends and neighbors who care to call.  They were married May 12, 1901 by the Rev. Harold Wright, then minister of the First Christian Church of Pittsburg, in a home ceremony at the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Taylor, of Pittsburg.  They both grew up in Nashville vicinity.

They are parents of 8 living children, all but two of whom will be present at the celebration; Mrs. Evelyn Waterstraat, of Rochester, N.Y. and Mrs. Janie Sailor of Tujunga, Calif.  Mr. and Mrs. Scott are well known in the vicinity, having owned and lived, on a farm for 40 years in the Nashville vicinity.  Due to the ill health of both, no wedding dinner will be served for the family.  All friends and relatives are cordially invited to attend.  They have 20 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren." 

"WILLIAM SCOTT DIES IN LAMAR HOSPITAL -  Minden, Mar 14 - William Newton Scott, 82, retired farmer of rural Minden, died at 11:50 am Sunday at Memorial hospital in Lamar after being ill a week.  Mr. Scott was born Aug 13, 1877 in Labette County, Kansas.  He was a member of the Christian Church.  His wife, Mrs. Lillie Scott, died in Sep 1956.  The 82 year old man suffered from arterial sclerosis.  He had been a patient at a boarding home for some time, but was taken to the hospital, after a fall, a few days ago.  Last Friday a sanity hearing, preparatory to admission to the state mental hospital at Nevada was conducted in the probate court in behalf of the aged man.  Although he was born August 13, 1877 in Labette County, Kansas, his parents moved to Minden when he was yet an infant.  There until illness overtook him he spent his long life."

William and Lillie (Taylor) Scott had 9 children:
2235. Grace Irene Scott, married Virgil Howard. Children:
2244. Nancy Howard  2245. Pat Howard  2246. John Howard
2236. Dorothy Jean Scott
2237. Lena Belle Scott, born 3 Mar -- in Missouri; married about 1930 to Homer Weems.

Obituary: "WOMAN FOUND DEAD AT FOOT OF STAIRCASE - Iantha, Mo., - Mrs Lena Belle Weems, 68, Iantha postmistress for 15 years, was found  dead about 5pm Tues at her home after she apparently fell down a flight of stairs. (Died 17 Apr 1979)  The accident apparently occurred around noon.  Dr. Thomas Carroll, Barton County coroner, investigated the death, but said he does not plan to make a ruling.  Mrs. Weems was born Mar, 3 1911 at Mindenmines.  She was married to E. Homer Weems on Jun 20, 1948, at Pittsburg, Kan. He survives. Mrs. Weems retired from her  job 2 years ago.  She was a member of the Nashville Methodist Church.  Burial in the Nashville Cemetery." 

        2238. Elsie Marie Scott, born 26 Dec 1902 in Barton County, Mo.  She married George Snyder.

Newspaper: "COUPLE OBSERVE ANNIVERSARY - Carl Junction, Mo.,Mr. and Mrs. George H. Snyder, will observe their 50th wedding anniversary next Sunday with a reception from 2 to 4 pm at the Carl Junction Lions Club building.  The couple married on 1 Jan 1922, at the rural Barton Co. home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Newton Scott,  near Nashville, Mo.  Friends and relatives are invited to the reception.  They have 22 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren." -

Obituary - "FORMER NASHVILLE FARMER DIES AT ST. JOHN'S HOSPITAL - Funeral plans for a former Barton County farmer are pending.  George H. Snyder, recently of Carl Junction, farmed in  Nashville area for about 40 years. Mr. Snyder, 76, died Tues afternoon at the St. John's Medical Center in Joplin, where he had been a patient since Jan 7 (Died 30 Jan 1973).  He was born 11 May 1896 in Decatur, Ill. He moved to Barton County sometime before 1922.  He  married Elsie M. Scott Jan 1, 1922.  The couple made  their home on a farm in the community until 1962, when Mr. Snyder retired. They then moved to Carl Junction. During the first world war Mr. Snyder served in the armed forces. Buried at Nashville Cemetery.

George and Elsie (Scott) Snyder had seven children:
2290. Homer Snyder, married Wilma Baels and had:
  2308. Margaret Snyder  2309. Sherry Snyder
  2310. Rex (twin)2311. twin  (name unknown)
  2312. Gayland Snyder
2291. Bill Snyder
2292. Florence Synder
2293. Mary Synder
2294. Harold Snyder
2295. Marjorie Snyder, killed in auto accident.
2296. Doyall Snyder, married and had children:
  2313. Debbie  2314. Ken   2315. Ron
2239. Lavon Jewell Scott, born 9 Dec 1904 in Barton County, Mo. She married 8 Mar 1924, to Ivan Grover.  From this obituary, Lavon remarried but name is unknown. Children:
2297. Wayne Grover    2298. Betty Grover
2240. Ruby Juanita Scott, born 6 Jan 1906 in Barton Co., Mo.  She married Roy Dumm. They had 2 children:
2299. Marie (twin) Dumm2300. Earl (twin) Dumm
2242. William Glenn Scott, born 28 Apr 1916, in Mo.; married Francis Troyan.
They had 4 children:
2301. Glenda Kay Scott2302. James Scott
2303. Patricia Scott 2304. John Scott
2243. Janie Elizabeth Scott, born 13 Apr 1919 in Mo.; married Byron Sailor, children were:
2305. Larry Sailor
2306. Donnie Sailor
2307. Sherry Sailor

2131. James Monroe Scott, son of John and Mary Elizabeth (Carson) Scott, born 22 Apr 1826, Waterloo, Lauderdale County, Alabama.  Thomas Jefferson Scott's half-brother. John Scott had eleven children by Mary; Harriet Ferrell Thompson had eight children by Samuel; then John Scott and Harriet Thompson had four more children together.
James Scott married 15 Nov 1846, in Waterloo, Alabama, to Elizabeth Lamb, she was born 1827 in Tennessee.  They were in the 1850 & 1870 census of Lauderdale County, Alabama.
Thanks, to Jan Scott Gerow, the Scott family was clarified when she sent all this Scott information.  Jan is a great-great-granddaughter of James Monroe Scott. All the children were born in Lauderdale County, Alabama.

Children of James Monroe and Elizabeth (Lamb) Scott:
2316. John A. Scott, born Sep 1847; died 1915/7 in Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas.
He married 1883 to Rachel Grimes.   =======================>>>>
2317. Betty Scott, born 1849, she was in the 1850 census only.
2318. James H. Scott, born Jun 1851. In the 1880 census
James is married to Mary E. Hert or Hart, and have 2 children:
2338. Mattie Scott born 1876, married D. J. Richardson.
2339. Marey (Clemmie) Scott b. 1879; md Jim Rosser. 
2319. Andrew D. Scott, born 19 Oct 1853. (See below)
2320. Jacob Scott, born 26 Mar 1856; died 19 May 1937 in Afton, Dickens
County, Texas. He married Willie Ballard.
2321. Martha Ann Scott, born 1858; married Mr. Martin.
2322. Jasper Newton Scott, born 7 Oct 1863; died 13 Jan 1936  in Lubbock,
Lubbock Co., Tx. He married Maggie B. James.
2323. Minerva (Catherine) Scott, born 1865.
2324. William Scott, born 1869/70.


Andrew D. Scott, son of James Monroe and Elizabeth (Lamb) Scott,
born 19 Oct 1853 in Waterloo, Lauderdale Co., Ala. Andrew married
31 Dec 1876, Hardin County, Tenn., Martha Lucinda Austin, daughter
of Henry Lamb and Mary (Hardwick) Austin.  Martha was born
23 Oct 1859 in Hardin Co., Tenn. Andrew was a hotel proprietor,
while they lived in Florence, Ala.; Hardin Co., Tenn.; Marlow, and
Oklahoma City, Ok. Andrew died 29 Jan 1933 and Martha died
16 Jun 1938.  They are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Oklahoma
City, Ok.  All the children were born in Hardin Co., Tenn.

2325. William John Scott, born 10 Dec 1877, Hardin Co., Tenn.
2326. Minnie M. Scott, born 13 Jul 1880; married Mr. Ferris.
2327. Beadie M. Scott, born 15 Nov 1883; married Mr. Higgins.
2328. James Barney Scott, born 2 Mar 1885, Hardin Co., Tenn.


James Barney Scott, born 2 Mar 1885 in Hardin County, Tennessee. 
He married 20 Jan 1907 in Clifton, Wayne County, Tenn. to Nancy Elizabeth
Griffin, daughter of Darius S. and Martha Elizabeth (Nance) Griffin, born
8 Feb 1890 in Clifton.  James died 30 Jun 1955 and Martha died 30 Mar 1978
in Oklahoma City, Ok., and both are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery there. 
James was an electrician and a Mason.  All the children were born in Sheffield,
Lauderdale County, Alabama, except James, they were:

2329. Infant Girl Scott, born 1908.
2330. Martha Mable Scott, born 2 Oct 1909, Ala. She married Thurman Sims.
2331. James Darius Scott, born 8 Apr 1912. (See below)
2332. William Howard Scott, born about 1915; died at age 2.
2333. Mary Elizabeth Scott, born 26 Jun 1920 Ala.  She married 12 Dec 1941,
in Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma to Coy Alton Koontz.
2334. Noble (Bud) Scott, born 12 Dec 1922, Ala. He married Janese Larrimore.
2335. Betty Sue Scott, born 14 Dec 1931 in Ala.  She married 11 Aug 1949,
in Gainesville, Texas to Jerry Alton Flynn.


James Darius Scott, son of James Barney and Nancy (Griffin) Scott, born 8 Apr 1912 in Clifton, Wayne County, Tennessee; died 9 Apr 1956 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  He married 17 Mar 1933 to Ophelia Phadona Mooneyham, daughter of Charles Wesley and Mary Elizabeth (Carter) Mooneyham.
Ophelia was born 29 Nov 1917 at Holdenville, Hughes County, Oklahoma.  After James died, she remarried, 2 Jun 1963 to Alvin John Bruning, who was born 1 Aug 1917.

From Jan Scott Gerow about her father: "My grandmother said she made
a visit from Sheffield, Alabama to see her relatives in Clifton, Tennessee and
while she was there he was born.  His first name was the same as his father
and great-grandfather, and his middle name - Darius - was named for his
mother's father.  He always hated the name and would use David on
everything but legal documents.  My grandmother said he was very good,
just full of mischief.  The mischief stayed with him throughout his adult life. 
My mother said he was a wonderful husband.  I never heard them argue.
Everyone loved my father, the neighbors, the people who worked with him,
and everyone who came in contact with him, but none more than his family. 
I was not close to any friend or family member like I was to him as a child
and teenager.  He was my best friend. My Dad became a Christian and joined
the Capitol Hill Baptist Church in the 1940's.
I don't know much about his father, James Barney Scott.  He was staying
with his mother's sister in Clifton, Tenn., when he met my grandmother.  After
marrying they moved to Sheffield, Ala.  On the 1910 census they were staying
in Andrew and Martha Scott's hotel.  They later bought a house with a picket
fence.  Barney worked at different jobs, was an electrician, among other things. 
They moved to Oklahoma City in the 1930's.  Barney was a very good man, and
I cannot do him justice in his qualities.
His brother, William, to put it in Barney's words, `never had serious thought in
his life.' He was so happy and loved life.  I have just never met anyone like him. 
He used to take Aunt Betty and a cousin on trips.  I have seen an old picture of
him where he was living underground.
My memories of Aunt Minnie were that she was a Victorian type of lady, but full of fun. The inside of her house looked Victorian, and I wish I had known her better.  She was a very pretty woman even in later years.
I never met Barney's other sister, Beadie, and do not know anything about her."

Children of James Darius and Ophelia (Mooneyham) Scott:
2336. Barbara Elizabeth Scott, born 23 Oct 1938 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma;
married 1966, to Frank Wesley Harris.
2337. Janice Darlene Scott, born 3 Jun 1940 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 
She married 8 Jan 1982, in Orlando, Orange County, Florida to Thomas Frank Gerow.
  Thanks for your phone calls and help Jan.
Poindexter D. Scott
& Mahala Lamb.
Rufus Carmack Scott & Martha A. Haynes
Henry Newton Lauck & Camley Elizabeth Scott
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Frewell Baptist Church
John Scott Sr. donated the land and helped in building it.
Waterloo, Lauderdale Co., Alabama
Hi, Beth, I was doing a little searching for my grandfather, Phillip Burrell, when I happened upon your Scott Genealogy.  It shows that Mary Belle Scott (#2225) married Charles Livingston then Phillip Burrell (my uncle, son of the Phillip I was researching).  I thought I'd help you out a little here:  Mary married Phillip first.  He was struck and killed by lightening when she was pregnant with her fourth son.  She then married Charles, known as "Jude,"who was a wonderful stepfather to her sons, Ralph, George, Melvin, and Burdett Burrell (I always get George and Melvin's birth order mixed up; hope this is right).  I remember visiting Mary and Jude at their home in Sioux City, Iowa, when I was young.  My mother was Phillip's youngest sister.  She outlived all her nephews, who were her contemporaries, and died at the age of 85 in 1999.  All four of her nephews had children, so there are many Burrells from this line, mostly in South Dakota and Iowa.          Hope this help you fill in your already excellent Scott family tree.
Sincerely,                 Deborah Wade                     [email protected]                        Thanks Deborah.....
John A. Scott & Rachel Grimes
with their 4 sons.
James Darius Scott
wf Ophelia Mooneyham
AKA  Bonnie & Clyde
John Lamb, wf Martha Patsy Qualls,
father of Mahala & Elizabeth Lamb.
Top: Rachel Grimes wf of John A. Scott
Right: Maggie James wf of Jasper Newton Scott
Bottom: Mary Hurt wf of James H. Scott
Left: Martha Lucinda Austin wf of Andrew D. Scott
All are Scott Bros sons of James Monroe Scott and Elizabeth Lamb
James Barnie Scott & Nancy Elizabeth Griffin
Wedding Day 1907
Hotel that Andrew owned & operated (across from the Courthouse) in Florence, Alabama. Photo taken about 1912.
                    Descendants of Hariett H. FERRELL

1.  Hariett H. FERRELL [2256], daughter of William FERRELL [3538] and Jane  REYNOLDS , was born 4 Nov 1810 in Lawrence County, Alabama and died after 1880 in Alabama.

  Hariett married Samuel Jack THOMPSON, son of William M. THOMPSON [3840] and Margaret ---- , 27 Dec 1827 in , Lauderdale County, Alabama. Samuel was born 10 Jul 1802 in Giles County, Tennessee and died in Lauderdale County, Alabama.

    Children from this marriage were:

  2 M     i. William M. THOMPSON was born 28 Sep 1828 in Waterloo, Landerdale County, Alabama and died about 1863 about age 35.
William married Temperance (Tempy) LEWIS
  3 M    ii. John M. THOMPSON was born 7 Mar 1830 in Lauderdale County, Alabama and died in Arkansas?.  John married Martha OAKS Martha died in Arkansas?.
  4 F   iii. Sara Jane THOMPSON was born 20 Jan 1832 in Lauderdale  County, Alabama and died in Arkansas?.  Sara married Nathaniel MARTIN.
  5 M    iv. George W. THOMPSON was born 17 Jan 1835 in Lauderdale County, Alabama and died 9 Aug 1904 in Illinois at age 69.
George married Elizabeth NORWOOD 24 Dec 1856.  Elizabeth was born 15 Jul 1836 in Alabama?.
  6 M     v. Levi THOMPSON was born 6 Apr 1837 in Hardin County, Tennessee and died 12 Jan 1919 at age 81.  Levi married Elizabeth NORWOOD 19 May 1858.  Elizabeth was born 15 Jul 1836 in Alabama?.

  7 M    vi. James Asbury THOMPSON [3707] was born 23 Apr 1839 in Alabama and  died 23 Jun 1922 at age 83.  James married Anna DILLINGER 22 Nov 1866. Anna was  born 14 May 1846.
  8 F   vii. Margaret Elmira THOMPSON [3708] was born 14 Jun 1841 in Alabama. Margaret married Thomas F. PILLOW [3569] [MRIN: 1426], son of James  PILLOW [3548] and Martha FERRELL [3546], in 1860. Thomas was born  about 1846 in Tennessee.
  9 M  viii. Samuel Jack THOMPSON Jr. [3704] was born in 1843 in Alabama and
                  died in Texas.

  Hariett next married John SCOTT [6712] [MRIN: 941] 9 Jun 1844 in Waterloo,  Lauderdale County, Alabama. John was born in 1800 in North Carolina and died 27 Mar 1884 in Lauderdale County, Alabama at age 84.
Nancy Isobille (SCOTT) CARPENTER 1946
I am sending this email to let you know of some changes that should be done on the Scott family. This is what I found.
Hi, my name is Kathy Solem and my mother is Phyllis Johnson Solem and her mother was Minnie Evelyn Scott, born 27 Mar 1909 number 2229 in your records. She died Jun 19 1994 in Elk point, South Dakota. Just wanted to let you know of some corrections. Minnie was born in Elk Point, South Dakota and she first married Bertram W Davis born 1904 and died of pneumonia in 1932 and they had three children: Doris Evelyn Davis, Floyd Leroy Davis, and Walter Kenneth Davis. Minnie then married Edward LaVern Johnson and they had Phyllis Leona Johnson who married Stanley Justine Solem. My website is <> if you would like do get some info from that you are welcome. I will also send you and invite. Also my mother Phyllis Johnson Solem wanted to let you know that Blanche Marie Scott #2228 married Frank Dunham and their children are: Helen Dunham Harkness, Gerald Dunham, Ben Dunham, Dorothy ( Dottie ) Dunham Johnson, Larry Dunham. She later in life married Sid Skidmore and had no children with him, only stepchildren of his. And #2232 it should be Francis Hartwig. And #2289 should be Rita Ferdig.                Thanks Kathy
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